Illustrate an abstract concept involving mathematics. Depict a smooth line graph positioned in the centre of the image with an upward curve, representing the function 2x+10. On the x-axis include hour marks representing time after noon without any numerical labels. On the y-axis display the temperature scale in degrees Celsius, also with no numerical labels. Ensure no text is visible in the image, maintain a neutral background to keep the focus on the graph.

The current temperature in degrees Celsius, where x equals the number of hours after noon, is 2x+10 . Interpreting this equation, what is the initial value? (1 point) Responses 10°C 10 degrees C −2°C negative 2 degrees C 2°C 2 degrees C −10°C

1 | B. - 10° C

2 | A. - The rate of change is -250ft./sec., and the initial value is 3,000 ft.
3 | A - The initial value of 50 represents the one-time membership fee.
4 | C - The initial value of 1,200 represents the value of your cellphone at the time you purchase it.
5 | The initial value of 1,350 represents the fixed cost.

The initial value in this equation represents the temperature at noon, which is the starting point.

Since x represents the number of hours after noon, when x equals 0, the equation becomes:
2(0) + 10 = 10

Therefore, the initial value is 10°C.