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  1. science

    All biomolecules are made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.*** Nucleic acids are the building blocks of proteins.

  2. Math

    1. Which expression is equivalent to (-2)(a+6)? A. -2a+6 B. 2a+12 C. -2a-12*** D. -2a+12 2. To which sets of real numbers does the number -22 belong? Choose all subsets that apply. (There's two right answers) Whole Numbers Rational Numbers*** Integers***

  3. SS

    Why is the development of farming considered a revolution of human history? A. Farming made it possible for people to travel greater distances because grain doesn't spoil as quickly as meat does. B. Farming allowed humans to grow taller because a

  4. Algebra

    1. What is another way to write:72-(-25)? 72+25** -72-25 72-25 -72-(-25) What is the value of -27-8? -35** -19 19 35 How much is 37+13? -50 -24 24 50** What is the solution to:40+)-11)? -51 -29 29** 51 What is the value of:-31+30? -61 -1** 1 61

  5. Lang Arts

    What fact best explains why it is significant that Angelou's narrative is set in 1940? In 1940, the United States was not yet involved in World War II. In 1940, segregation of blacks and whites was still the norm. In 1940, most high school students did not

  6. Math

    Jana buys a dress for $25.98 and a blouse for $14.99. The sales tax is $2.46. a. What is the total cost of her purchase? b. If Jana pays with a $50 bill, how much change should she receive? $25.98 + 14.99 + 2.46 = $43.43 50- 43.43= 6.57

  7. Math

    which symbol is used to make -6 ? |-8| a true statement? >* < = which symbol is used to make -5 ? -8 a true statement? >

  8. Spanish

    1. Which of the following is an example of an -ar verb in Spanish? (1 point) a. leer b. dibujar c. escribir d. ir 2. Which city is next to the Tajo River? (1 point) a. Avila b. Madrid c. Toledo d. Segovia 3. What is a popular Sunday activity for families

  9. earth science

    Which of these phrases describes the sun? Class G yellow star Class A white star Class M red star Class O blue star

  10. Algebra

    1. Which is an example of an algebraic expression? A. 4(3 +8) B. 18^2 C. 3 - a D. 21 . 4 *** 2. Which is an algebraic expression for 5 more than z? A. 5z B. z + 5 C. 5z + 5 *** D. 5 - z 3. Which word phrase can be used to represent the algebraic expression

  11. ART

    Artists are driven to create art for many different reasons. What seems to be the purpose for this artistic creation? For an aesthetic purpose. (MY ANSWER) For an entertainment purpose. For a utilitarian purpose. This is the picture down below. Starry

  12. History

    1. What is the largest ethnic group in New Mexico? ( A)African American B)Native American C)Hispanic D)White 2. Which does not explain how the arts affect New Mexico today? A)People visit artist colonies and galleries. B)Sandia and Los Alamos attract

  13. career explorations

    Suppose a school needs to hire 2 new teachers, but there are 20 recent college graduates hoping to get a teaching job at that school. what is this an example of? job surplus ^^^^^^^ job shortage economy expectation ed wants a carrer that allows him to

  14. chemistry

    Strychnine, C21H22N2O2(aq) is a weak base but a powerful poison. Calculate the pH of a 0.001 mol/L solution of strychnine. The Kb of strychnine is 1.0 x 10^-6 My work: I called Strychnine SN SN + HOH --> SNH+ + OH- Kb = (SNH+)(OH-)/(SN) (SNH+) = x (OH-) =x

  15. Language Arts

    1.) Which of these parts of an informational text supports a central idea? A. evidence B. dialogue C. transitions D. citation of sources 2.) How does the author of a text develop central ideas?(1 point) A. by stating a central idea at the beginning of each

  16. science

    Cellular respiration produces glucose. oxygen. cellulose. ATP.*** To produce starch, glucose molecules bond together through photosynthesis. dehydration synthesis.*** nucleotides. cellular respiration. By which process does yeast produce the carbon dioxide

  17. algebra

    which of the following assessment types has the greatest effect on your overall grade

  18. Algebra 1 A

    Simplify the expression (0.4)^3 HELP

  19. Social studies

    What is the leading theory about how early humans arrived on the American continents? (1 point) They walked from Africa to South America when those two continents were part of the same landmass. They walked from Asia to North America over a strip of land

  20. science

    Which change is chemical? water boiling water undergoing electrolysis*** water freezing water evaporating Which number remains unchanged during photosynthesis? the number of carbon atoms*** the number of water molecules the number of glucose molecules the

  21. american history

    1. What was the main reason that early settlers gradually spread across the Americas? (1 point) They were constantly under attack from neighboring tribes. They often relocated to find more favorable farming conditions. They traveled far and wide to trade

  22. Math

    How is constructing a perpendicular bisector similar to constructing an angle bisector's? How is it different? Help I’m sick with this

  23. S.S.

    What did Jesus teach were the most important commandments? Select the two correct answers. A. Love your neighbor as yourself. B. Accept that life is suffering. C. Love God with all your heart and soul. D. Worship Christ above all other gods. E. Take

  24. science

    A chemistry class is experimenting with iodine to see which common white powder items will react and make the iodine change color. Which item listed will have a chemical reaction with iodine? A. baking soda B. cornstarch C. salt D. powdered sugar

  25. Math

    1. Plane hkp and plane rkp are two distinct planes. name the intersection of the plane hkp and plane rkp. A) Ray KP B) Ray HK C) Ray RP D) The planes need not intersect. Is the answer A? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!

  26. Spanish

    1.Which is the best response to the following question? Qué te gusta más, usar la computadora o jugar videojuegos? A.Me gusta más usar la computadora.*** B.Si C.Y a ti? D.Usar la computadora o jugar los videojuegos. 2.which musical style is

  27. math check my answers

    1. Evaluate 4 times a number q plus 25 when q=2. 27 31 33

  28. Astronomy

    Hi, can you please check my work? I really need to do well on this. 1. What properties of a star are needed to calculate the stars luminosity? a. size and apparent brightness b.mass and distance to the star**** c. temperature and diameter of the star d.

  29. science

    Which element would have the lowest electronegativity? (1 point) an element with a large number of valence electrons and a small atomic radius an element with a large number of valence electrons and a small atomic radius an element with a large number of

  30. history

    1) Which group made up the majority of white Southerners? Planters capitalists middle class small farmers 2. Which is the most likely cause of the spike in cotton production in Mississippi in the mid¬ 1800s shown on the chart? the growth in demand for

  31. Math

    In The expression 7^3-4x3+8 , the first operation is? A.An exponent B.Subtraction C. Multiplication D.Addition

  32. ms.sue math

    Which sum will be irrational? a. 3 + 2 b. √19 + 7/2 ****** c. 18/3 + 11/10000 d. –6 + (–3.251) Which product will be rational? A.17.12 * 33 ***** B. √ of 3 * √ of 9 C.4*pie D.- √ of 20 * 15 A whole number is added to a number with two digits

  33. earth science

    Which type of star is in spectral class K and has a luminosity of 10^6

  34. Social Studies

    Select the words to make the statements true. After the French and Indian War, 1.the British Proclamation of 1763 barred** / expanded colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. 2.The Proclamation Line angered / emboldened American colonists,

  35. Math

    1. What is the name of the ray that is opposite of ray BA? Description of the ray. It's a straight line with the points A B C D all in a row. A) Ray BD B) Ray BA C) Ray CA D) Ray DA This doesn't make sense. I thought that CD would be opposite of BA. But

  36. Check my answers in history PLZ

    Who is "they" referred to in the following quotation? They also established a number system based on six, dividing the hour into 60 minutes and the circle into 360 degrees, as we still do today. A)The Akkadians B)The Sumerians* C)The Babylonians D)The


    3. What is the rhyme scheme of the following Anne Bradstreet poem? To Her Father with Some Verses Most truly honored, and as truly dear, If worth in me or ought I do appear, Who can of right better demand the same Than may your worthy self from whom it

  38. Calc 3

    Find ∫CF⋅dr where C is a circle of radius 1 in the plane x+y+z=4, centered at (3,2,−1) and oriented clockwise when viewed from the origin, if F=4yi−3xj+3(y−x)k

  39. Math

    Sports team won twice as many games as they lost. The sum of games won and games lost was 42 games. How many games did they win?

  40. Science

    A binary star system has been observed to have an orbital semi-major axis of 2.5 AU and an orbital period of 2 years. Assume that the system is viewed edge-on so you are seeing the full range of motion. What is the total mass of the binary star in solar

  41. ASVAB Arithmetic

    In Tim's last 5 games here's the number of three-point field goals scored per game. 9 6 0 9 3 How many three-point field goals would Tim have to kick in the next game to bring his average (arithmetic mean) to six points per game? I just need to be walked

  42. chemistry

    A small “coffee cup” calorimeter contains 110. g of H2O at 22.0°C. A 100. g sample of lead is heated to 90.0°C and then placed in the water. The contents of the calorimeter come to a temperature of 23.9°C What is the specific heat of lead?

  43. math

    What is the probability that a randomly selected three-digit number has the property that one digit is equal to the product of the other two? Express your answer as a common fraction.

  44. math

    At a certain college, there are 7 men for every 5 women. If there are 440 more men than women, what is the total enrollment?

  45. geometry

    PLEASE HELP I AM ON A GEO EXAM. Line f has a slope of −6/3, and line g has a slope of −8/4. What can be determined about distinct lines f and g? A. The lines have proportional slopes. B. The lines will intersect. C. The lines are parallel. D. Nothing

  46. Science

    Which statement is correct about organelles that provide energy? (1 point) A)They are responsible for cellular respiration. B)They are found only in animal cells. C)They are responsible for protein synthesis. D)They are found only in plant cells. I think

  47. science

    Of these things in an environment, which one is a living thing?(1 point) soil (clay) soil (clay) air (wind) air (wind) water (river) water (river) fungus (mushroom) fungus (mushroom)

  48. Science

    One reason animal cells don't need a central vacuole is because they often have smaller vacuoles for storage. What is another reason animal cells don't need central vacuoles?

  49. Science

    Which number remains unchanged during photosynthesis? A: the number of carbon dioxide molecules B: the number of water molecules C: the number of carbon atoms D: the number of glucose molecules

  50. science

    An element is highly conductive, highly reactive, soft, and lustrous. The element most likely belongs to which group?(1 point) noble gases noble gases transition metals transition metals metalloids metalloids alkali metals How does mercury differ from

  51. science

    Metallic bonds are responsible for many properties of metals, such as conductivity. A.An attraction between a positive charge and a negative charge is created. B.Two metals bonded together are going to be more conductive than a metal bonded with a

  52. Science

    1.Which stages do all stars have in common in their life cycles? Answer:Protostar&nebula 2.Which of these can a star become at the end of its evolution? Answers: black hole,neutron star,white dwarf. 3.which is a possible sequence in the life cycle of a

  53. History

    How did the shift to farming affect Native American cultures? Select all that apply. □ Farming encourage native cultures to build more permanent

  54. Earth Studies

    Which type of electromagnetic radiation has more energy than visible light and can pass through the human body? A. X-rays B. radio waves C. ultraviolet light D. microwaves 2. Which information about objects in space can spectroscopy provide? Select the two

  55. Spanish

    HELP PLZ Which of the following is one reason why it is valuable to learn Spanish? A. It will help you develop better math skills. B. Your friends will be impressed if you can speak two languages. C. It will allow you to enjoy books, poems, songs, and

  56. Science

    A young snake eats and digests a mouse. The increase in the snake’s mass equals: A: the mass of the mouse plus the original mass of the snake. B: the mass of the mouse minus the mass of waste produced by the snake. C: the mass of the mouse plus the mass

  57. Spanish

    How do you tell someone in Spanish that you do not like to draw? (1 point) D B A C C

  58. Economics

    What does the slope of the production possibilities curve represent? A)The slope represents the level of efficiency in production. B)The slope represents the opportunity cost of producing one good instead of the other. C)If the slope is greater than one,

  59. Science

    The Composition of Atoms Quick Check questions and answers Science 8 A Unit 3: Matter Interactions A. A model of an atom shows eight electrons in rings that represent different energy levels. How many electrons are in each energy level? 1. four in the

  60. Please help urgent

    What makes up cell membranes and is used to create hormones? glucose hydrocarbon cholesterol starch

  61. Earth Science

    Which spectral class does a star fit into if it has a surface temperature of 20,000 K?

  62. Science

    When performing a scientific investigation on an unknown substance how can an indicator help you determine if a substance is a starch

  63. Science

    A scientist wants to drop a bouncy ball from a height of one meter and determine how many times the ball will bounce before coming to restWhich option below is an example of a hypothesis for this test? A. If a bouncy ball is dropped , it will bounce one

  64. mathematics

    In triangle $ABC,$ angle bisectors $\overline{AD},$ $\overline{BE},$ and $\overline{CF}$ meet at $I.$ If $DI = 3,$ $BD = 4,$ and $BI = 5,$ then compute the area of triangle $ABC.$

  65. social studies

    Which of the following do scientists believe about Homo sapiens? A. They were the earliest ancestors of modern human beings. B. They arose in different parts of the world at the same time. C. They arose in Africa and spread to the rest of the world. D.

  66. tech

    Which of the following expressions produce a value of type int? Mark all that apply. 1 point 2 + 2 Integer.parseInt("2") 2 + 2.0 7 / 3 11 * (int) 0.25

  67. Physical Science

    Molecules and Structures Quick Check answers pls

  68. geometry

    The area A of a cross section through the center of a sphere is 32in^2. Find the surface area of the sphere.

  69. English

    write a paragraph that answers the questions below. Include at least two supporting details or examples. In “The Literature of the Americas,” Kimberly Koza writes: “By discovering the literature of our neighbors, we may also learn about ourselves.”

  70. History

    The earliest humans, _____, or handy man adapted to the environment by making and using tools. Two more recent groups, the _____ in Europe, and their close relatives from Asia, the _____, lived at the same time as the first modern humans. But those groups

  71. ELA

    Using credible sources quick check: please check my answers or give me answers: 1.) What is one criterion a writer should use when evaluating a source? (1 point) how realistic it is how interesting it is its creativity its relevance*** 2.) When supporting

  72. Chemistry

    Which element would have a full outer shell of electrons if it gained three electrons? boron lithium nitrogen argon THIS ONE Which statement best explains why hydrogen's atomic number is equal to its mass? hydrogen is in the first row and the first column

  73. Biology

    What do amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars (monosaccharides) have in common?(1 point) They are used to make lipids. They are made of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. They are made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. They are used to make proteins.

  74. science

    When performing a scientific investigation on an unknown substance, what is one safe way to test it to determine what it might be?

  75. Reading

    (NEED ALL ANSWERS) Use the paragraph to answer the question. A farmer had a horse that had been a faithful servant to him: but he was now grown too old to work; so the farmer would give him nothing more to eat, and said, "I want you no longer, so take

  76. Physical Science

    can anyone give answers for Molecules and Structures Quick Check 1. What type of bonds are shown in this diagram? A diagram shows a number of circles, each marked with a ‘+,’ surrounded by a number of smaller, blue balls. Arrows seem to indicate that

  77. science

    Which describes a characteristic of water that is responsible for frost wedging? A. Water contracts as it freezes. B. Water expands as it freezes C. Water evaporates as it is heated. D. Water condenses as it is heated

  78. biology

    Nitric acid is a chemical that is used in the production of fertilizers. The chemical formula of nitric acid is HNO3. Which of the following are true for a nitric acid molecule? Select all that apply. It has three oxygen atoms. It has three nitrogen atoms.

  79. Economics

    Introduction to Economics Unit Test Answers 1 A small business has one team that installs new swimming pools and four employees that clean and maintain pools. Which of the following is a service that is provided by this business to its customers? Answer:

  80. math

    Draw the line passing through the point (3, 5) with a slope of -1/2. Been stuck on this for an hour please help also r.i.p. ms sue, just heard about it, haven't been here in 3 years

  81. Math

    Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. 66 decreased by twice Gail's score

  82. Physics

    A child and sled with a combined mass of 50.0 kg slide down a frictionless hill that is 7.34 m high. If the sled starts from rest, what is the mechanical energy of the system, and what is the sled’s speed at the bottom of the hill?

  83. Science

    1. Select the statement that is true.(1 point) Sexual reproduction produces more offspring than asexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction is a simpler process than sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction requires a single parent. Asexual reproduction

  84. math

    A set of numbers is shown below: {3.1, 4.2, 7.2, 8.4, 12.2} The number __ from the set will make the equation x + 2 = 6.2 true. (1 point) 2. (07.01 MC) A set of numbers is shown below: {0, 0.6, 2, 4, 6} Which of the following shows all the numbers from the

  85. History

    Which most accurately describes how ancient Greece influenced governments of later civilizations? Ancient Greece used a form of democracy later adopted by nations like the United States of America.Ancient Greece used a form of democracy later adopted by

  86. mathematics

    Sketch the region enclosed by 2y=5sqrtx, y=5 and 2y+3x=8. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y, and then find the area of the region

  87. Mathematics

    Mason loves collecting sea glass from the beach. He recorded the weight of each jar full of sea glass. If he decided to distribute the sea glass equally among the jars, how much would each jar weigh? How many pounds?

  88. Advanced Functions

    Describe the transformation of the graph reciprocal function f(x)= 1/x to produce the function g(x) = -1/x-2+3

  89. science

    Why do elements that are in the same group of the periodic table share similar properties? They all have the same atomic mass. They are all very reactive with other elements. They are all metals. They all have the same number of electrons in the outer

  90. World History

    Read the summary. The earliest humans originated in northern Europe (1) and traveled south via land bridges to Asia and Africa (2). As people spread throughout the world, a shift from hunter-gather to farming occurred (3), which led to increased food

  91. World geography

    How do the regions of North Africa and southwest Asia obtain grain?

  92. Mathematics

    Hamburger meat is on sale for $2.50 per pound. This can be written as $2.50x. Evaluate this expression if you buy 7 pounds of hamburgers. Thank you!

  93. Photography

    Which type of light has the most neutral tone? Fluorescent Daylight Incandescent Shade I don’t think it is shade or fluorescent.

  94. World History

    Which most accurately describes cultural practices of ancient Nubia? Nubian people introduced and traded silk to India in 500 BC and later to China for gold and silver.Nubian people introduced and traded silk to India in 500 BC and later to China for gold


    Amendment Idea Template Your Name ____________________ Step 1: Describe how amendments have affected Americans' participation in government. Give specific examples from the lesson, including amendment names or numbers. Step 2: Brainstorm an idea for a new

  96. sciene

    the answer for phyiscal weathering quick check is a,d,b,a,b

  97. Lucy drew an isosceles triangle as shown. A triang

    Lucy drew an isosceles triangle as shown. A triangle is shown with point Z at the lower left, point Y to the right and slightly up and point X to the upper right. Short line segments cross line segments Y Z and Y X. If the measure of ∠YZX is 25°, what

  98. chemistry

    Lysine is a compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. When 1.50 g of lysine is burned, 2.72 g of carbon dioxide, 1.29 g of water and 0.287 g of nitrogen gas are produced. What is the empirical formula of lysine? If the molar mass of

  99. math

    Point N is on line segment \overline{MO} MO . Given MO=3x+6,MO=3x+6, NO=5x,NO=5x, and MN=x,MN=x, determine the numerical length of \overline{NO}. NO .

  100. algebra

    how many solutions does 2x+6=4(x-1)