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  1. Math related rates

    Water is poured into a conical paper cup at the rate of 3/2 in3/sec (similar to Example 4 in Section 3.7). If the cup is 6 inches tall and the top has a radius of 4 inches, how fast is the water level rising when the water is 2 inches deep? I got

    1. asked by chan
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  2. MATH plz help

    what is the first step to evaluate this expression? 7^3 - 4 * 3 + 8 A. Exponent B. Subtraction C. Multiplication D. Addition

    1. asked by Sid.V
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  3. biology

    Blood is taken to the lungs to become oxygenated and returned to the heart before being pumped through the body. Which blood vessels carry blood away from the heart? elastic capillaries veins arteries*** Oxygen is taken into the body from the environment,

    1. asked by alexdell
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  4. math

    A board 5 feet long slides down a wall. At the instant the bottom end is 4 feet from the wall, the other end is moving down the wall at a rate of 2 feet per second. At the moment, how fast is the bottom end sliding along the ground?

    1. asked by Emily
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  5. physics

    The 2.0 kg wood box in the figure(Figure 1) slides down a vertical wood wall while you push on it at a 45 ∘ angle. The coefficient of kinetic friction of wood on wood is μk = 0.200. What magnitude of force should you apply to cause the box to slide down

    1. asked by jjh
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  6. Biology quick check

    Questions: 1.If the sequence of bases on the mRNA codon is AUU, what would be the sequence of bases on the opposite strand assembled by the tRNA? 2.The endomembrane system is a collection of membrane-bound organelles in eukaryotic cells that handles the

    1. asked by Coconut
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  7. Calculus Help Please!!!

    A stone is dropped into a lake, creating a circular ripple that travels outward at a speed of 40 cm/s. Find the rate at which the area within the circle is increasing after each of the following. after 1 s = after 3 s = after 7 s =

    1. asked by Tim
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  8. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Compute Δy and dy for the given values of x and dx = Δx. (Round your answers to three decimal places.) y = 3x − x^2, x = 3, Δx = −0.6 Δy=???

    1. asked by Kim
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  9. Science (Please check my answers)

    1) Which statement correctly identifies the relative levels of kinetic and potential energy in a hydroelectric dam?(1 point) Kinetic and potential energy are both highest at the top. Kinetic energy is highest at the top; potential energy is highest at the

    1. asked by Please check my answers
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  10. Chemistry

    How many grams of KOH are needed to neutralize 12.9 mL of 0.16 M HCl in stomach acid?

    1. asked by Madi
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  11. Physics

    The cheetah can maintain its maximum speed for only 7.5 s. What is the minimum distance the gazelle must be ahead of the cheetah to have a chance of escape? (After 7.5 s the speed of cheetah is less than that of the gazelle.) Answer in units of m

    1. asked by Anonymous
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  12. math

    Find an expression for the function whose graph is the bottom half of the parabola x + (y - 9)2 = 0. y=? some help would be appreciated!

    1. asked by sara
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  13. Organizing Information

    1. What is the purpose of formatting a text?(1 point) A to help the reader follow and understand the writer's ideas B to make the print of the text visually appealing C to provide ways to include more information about the topic D to demonstrate the

    1. asked by HA
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  14. ELA

    Which of the following statements are true about transitions?(1 point) Transitions can making writing unclear to the reader. Transitions connect ideas for the reader. Transitions are found at the end of sentences. Transitions can also be called topic

    1. asked by Mr.Honey
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  15. Language Arts

    What does morphology mean?(1 point) the study and classification of speech sounds the study of parts of a word the study of word meanings from another language the study of word and phrase arrangement

    1. asked by Tiffany LaRocca
    2. 11,091 views
  16. Science

    Which feature defines a neutral atom?

    1. asked by Anonymous
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  17. Geometry

    Complete the two column proof. Given: angle 2 and angle 5 are supplementary Prove: l is parallel to m Statements: 1. BLANK 2. angle 3 is congruent to angle 2 3. angle 3 and angle 5 are supplementary 4. BLANK Reasons: 1.________ 2.________ 3.________

    1. asked by Blair Needs Ms. Sue
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  18. 9th Grade Literature

    1. Which of these is a complete sentence? A. Although the weather is sometimes warm in early March. B. Forecasters predict six more weeks of winter this year.

    1. asked by Zurai
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  19. Biocheistry

    What is the significance of carbon having four valence electrons?(1 point) The outermost shell can only bond with hydrogen. The outermost shell is full, making it a stable. The outermost shell can form up to four covalent bonds. The outermost shell never

    1. asked by yo
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  20. science

    What is the function of osteoblasts in the body? They help break down food within the stomach. They respond to changes in the environment. They provide structure and support. They control voluntary movements.

    1. asked by fghtr
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  21. Art

    Which element of art is most evident in the drawing of these buildings? Through the use of line, this artist was able to create _ The viewer's attention is directed toward the man's face by Which element helps to give the illusion of great height and

    1. asked by Schooltastic!
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  22. Pre algebra

    what is the difference between an irrational number and a integer? PLZ HELP ME!!!

    1. asked by Brier
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  23. Physics

    1.what is the shortest possible time in which a bacterium could travel a distance of 8.4 cm across a Petri dish at a constant speed of 3.5 mm/s. the answer is 24s. how? 3.An athlete swims from the north end to the south end of a 50.0m pool in 20.0s and

    1. asked by y912f
    2. 15,586 views
  24. Math Help!!!

    what is the solution to square root -75 to the nearest integer? 9******* 8 -8 -9

    1. asked by math help asap
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  25. English

    PLEASE HELP ME :C Which sentence is correct?(1 point) a. The surface of the parking lots were redone this summer. b. The sidewalks in the courtyards has been decorated with chalk. c.The bike on the bike rack is blue. d. The cars in the parking lot belongs

    1. asked by help?
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  26. chemistry

    Please help!... Lakes that have been acidified by acid rain (HNO3 and H2SO4) can be neutralized by a process called liming, in which limestone (CaCO3) is added to the acidified water. Write ionic and net ionic equations to show how limestone reacts with

    1. asked by Anonymous
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  27. physics

    A person standing at the edge of a seaside cliff kicks a stone over the edge with a speed of 18 m/s. The cliff is 52 m above the water's surface. How long does it take for the stone to fall to the water? With what speed does it strike the water?

    1. asked by Mari
    2. 638 views
  28. physics

    While standing at the edge of the roof of a building, you throw a stone upward with an initial speed of 6.93 m/s. The stone subsequently falls to the ground, which is 17.1 m below the point where the stone leaves your hand. At what speed does the stone

    1. asked by unknwon
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  29. Physics

    A bird, accelerating from rest at a constant rate, experiences a displacement of 28 m in 11 s. What is its acceleration? A. 0.21 B. 0.46 C. 0.64 D. 0.78 E. 0.97 acceleration= change in velocity/change in time and the velocity= change in displacement

    1. asked by Mark
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  30. Trig / Calc

    What angle (in degrees) corresponds to 18.96 rotations around the unit circle? Enter the exact decimal answer.

    1. asked by Randy
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  31. physics

    Two carts are involved in an elastic collision. Cart A with mass 0.55 kg is moving towards Cart B with mass 0.55 kg, which is initially at rest. Cart A stops after the collision and Cart B begins to move. What is the final kinetic energy of Cart B?

    1. asked by please help me
    2. 977 views

    In which form of reproduction will pieces of the parent develop into identical copies of the parent A. Fragmentation B. Binary fission C. Vegetative reproduction D. Budding

    1. asked by Leona
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  33. I need Help on Polar Ice and Climate Change Quick

    What has happened to the Arctic Ocean during the past 40 years?(1 point) It has become warmer. ( my anwser) It has grown smaller. It has become less salty. It has gained more sea ice.

    1. asked by prestonplayz
    2. 8,294 views
  34. LA

    What is the purpose of a hook in an introductory paragraph? establish the tone of the essay grab the interest of the reader***** state the perspective of the writer introduce the main topic of the essay

    1. asked by no one important
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  35. Social Studies

    Which of the following was one way the Constitution attempted to reconcile a weakness of the Articles of Confederation? (1 point) The Constitution gave more power to the states. The Constitution provided a more centralized government. All enslaved African

    1. asked by help
    2. 25,639 views
  36. Language Arts

    Why do writers add multimedia to an informational text?(1 point) 1. to help the reader comprehend the facts, comparisons, or details in the writing hide details from the reader that are boring, nonessential, or irrelevant make the organizational

    1. asked by caee
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  37. science

    Which option is an example of an automatic regulatory reaction? sweating*** taking in more calories burrowing underground wearing a jacket What is the correct order of events for cellular respiration? Krebs cycle → glycolysis → electron transport chain

    1. asked by Nunya
    2. 12,029 views
  38. Cell Structures Quick Check

    Questions: 1.Why are lysosomes important to the health of cells? 2.Which of the following organelles provide structure and rigidity to a plant cell? 3.What would happen to a plant if the chloroplasts in its cells became damaged? 4.A cell sends messages to

    1. asked by Coconut
    2. 12,263 views
  39. Algebra

    Is(0,3) a solution to the equation y=x+3 A. Yes B. No*** Is (1,4) a solution to the equation y= -2x A. Yes*** B. No Look at the following points (4,0) (3,1) (6,3) (2,-4) Which are the solutions to y= x-4? Choose all the correct answers A.(6,3) B.(4,0)***

    1. asked by Abby
    2. 17,015 views
  40. science

    What does glycolysis produce for each glucose molecule? 1 ATP, 3 NADPH, and 1 FADH2 2 ATPs and 2 NADPH* 3 NADPH and 1 FADH2 4 ATPs, 6 NADPH, and 2 FADH2 What are the functions of the high-energy electrons in the electron transport chain? They carry NADPH

    1. asked by Nunya
    2. 11,466 views
  41. ELA

    What type of point of view is used in the The Call of the Wild? (❌)first Person (❌)third-person limited (✔️)third-person omniscient According to The Call of the Wild, what can you conclude about bucks life in the Santa Clara valley? (❌)It was

    1. asked by htsrhtdyjy
    2. 4,369 views
  42. math

    1. Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 9 cm and 12 cm A. 8 cm B. 21 cm C. 15 cm D. 225 cm the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 13 cm the length of one leg is 5 cm find the length of the other leg A.

    1. asked by Duece
    2. 27,808 views
  43. Science

    Which element would most likely lose electrons to form positive ions when bonding with other elements? A: Gallium (Ga) B: Rubidium (Rb) C: Iodine (I) D: Argon (Ar)

    1. asked by Fa11enAnge106
    2. 5,921 views
  44. Science

    1.)​CaCO3→CO2​+CaO A scientist heats 30 grams of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the chemical reaction shown. What is the total mass of the products?(1 point) A.)10 grams B.)15 grams C.)60 grams

    1. asked by Anonymous
    2. 21,023 views
  45. Algebra

    2. The table shows the heights in inches of trees after they have been planted. What is the height of a tree that is 64 in. Tall in its pot A. 42 in B. 52 in C. 60 in D. 76 in 3. Which ordered pair is a solution to y=8x A. 0,8 B. -1,8 C. 1.5,10 D. 2,16 4.

    1. asked by Jason
    2. 18,026 views
  46. English

    The detail on p. 199, in "Of Wolves and Men," that describes how the wolf's fur carries seeds to be dispersed along his trail reveals... A. the author’s perspective on events. B. the wolf’s perspective on events. C. the wolf’s prey’s perspective on

    1. asked by Marina
    2. 11,761 views
  47. English

    Multiple Choice Choose the meaning of the bold word in each passage. 1. The MAGNITUDE of the disaster is hard to imagine. (1 point) size*** pain debris effect 2. The EPICENTER of the 9.0 magnitude quake was under the Indian Ocean near the west coast of the

    1. asked by Moomilk
    2. 27,730 views
  48. algebra 2

    Graph the system of constraints and find the value of x and y that maximize the objective function. Constraints {x >= 0 y >= 0 y

    1. asked by Kandy
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  49. Science

    1- Where is Nicholas's home located? A- (1,1) B- (0,1) C- ( -1,0) D- (0,0) 2- Nicholas's school is located at _____. A- (0,0) B- (1, -1) C- (-2, -2) D- (3,2) 3- What is located at (-2, -2)? A- Nicolas's home B- post office C- school D- grocery store 4-What

    1. asked by Marble
    2. 1,987 views
  50. Probability

    Amy immigrated to a new city, and would like to make friends with her new neighbours. On any particular day i, she feels shy with probability 1-p(0

    1. asked by Mona
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  51. English

    Which sentence includes a dependent clause?(1 point) It was a fancy hat! The package was heavy. She smiled as she opened the package. Today is her 16th birthday.

    1. asked by ?
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  52. Social Studies

    How did Chandragupta conquer Magadha? A. by sending in his spies to open the city gates to his soldiers B. by attacking their borders and slowly weakening the outer reaches of the city first C. by uniting with the Greeks, combining their forces, and

    1. asked by TotallyTubelar
    2. 10,951 views
  53. algebra math, 8th grade

    At a halftime show, a marching band marched in formation. The lead drummer started at a point with coordinates (-2 -5) and moved up 3 steps and 1 step right. I need to write a rule to describe the translation, and I also need to find the coordinates of the

    1. asked by Tazia
    2. 7,287 views
  54. Social Studies

    Which statement best describes the framework of government established by the Constitution? A. The three branches of government defer the majority of power to the states B. A system of checks and balances keeps each of the three branches from having too

    1. asked by jolly
    2. 23,035 views
  55. physics

    A large box of mass M is pulled across a horizontal, frictionless surface by a horizontal rope with tension T. A small box of mass m sits on top of the large box. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the two boxes are μs and μk,

    1. asked by jjh
    2. 11,810 views
  56. English

    1. Choose the answer that best matches the word in italics. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word, if necessary. The decorations were reminiscent of autumn leaves. (1 point) leftovers made reminders symbolic 2. Choose the answer that best

    1. asked by Help
    2. 13,101 views
  57. science

    Which acid-base chemical reaction is irreversible?(1 point) strong acid added to water water on its own weak base added to water weak acid added to water Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid. Acetic acid is a weak acid. Which statement about hydrochloric

    1. asked by chewwwwyyyyyy
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  58. science, chemistry

    Based on the naming rules for ions, which of the following is a negatively charged ion (not a polyatomic ion)? A.chlorate B.chloride C.chlorite D.chlorine

    1. asked by Connection boi
    2. 5,329 views
  59. science

    what volume of 0.115 M HClO4 solution is needed to neutralize 50.00 ml of o.o875 M NaOH?

    1. asked by yvaine
    2. 13,735 views
  60. English

    Please check my work :) 1) Choose the best answer. Which of the following is a COMPLETE SENTENCE? A) Known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. B) Three quarters of the distance from the equator to the North Pole. C) In the summer, the sun never sets. (MY

    1. asked by hannah
    2. 5,016 views
  61. English

    Which of the following is one question to ask when evaluating an introduction? A. Does the introduction have a strong closing idea? B. What support is provided to explain the topic? C. How many sentences does the introduction have? D. How did the writer

    1. asked by help
    2. 1,950 views
  62. ela

    Which option describes an inference?(1 point) a conclusion that is based on evidence a conclusion that is based on evidence the general feeling an author conveys in a text the general feeling an author conveys in a text facts and information that support

    1. asked by help
    2. 8,519 views
  63. Science

    In bacteria, binary fission can be modeled in(1 point) four stages. three stages. one stage. two stages. The process by which a modified stem or root of a parent plant grows offspring that remain attached is called(1 point) fragmentation. vegetative

    1. asked by pls help
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  64. Social studies, help

    How did advancements during the Gupta period transform mathematics? A. They invented algebra.**** B. They created the concepts of square numbers and square roots. C. They developed a decimal system with a numeral for zero. D. They made progress in

    1. asked by Em
    2. 12,056 views
  65. Science

    What was unknown to scientists during Wegener’s time?(1 point) Earth’s crust is made of plates that move. Mountain ranges of some continents lined up. The coasts of some continents fit together. Fossils were found in many places.

    1. asked by Ms. Sue👩‍🏫
    2. 8,395 views
  66. calculus

    Water leaking onto a floor creates a circular pool with an area that increases at the rate of 3 square inches per minute. How fast is the radius of the pool increasing when the radius is 10 inches?

    1. asked by angie
    2. 2,743 views
  67. SS Check Answers

    1. What value in American identity is most fundamental to the U.S. political system? A. indivual rights B. social conformity C. national security D. freedom from rule 2. Why was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 necessary A. Each citezen must be ruled by the

    1. asked by Katie
    2. 16,018 views
  68. History

    Which of the following is a common challenge that Native Americans in New Mexico face today? A. Alex has diabetes but cannot afford to buy medication to treat it.*** B. Marisol has health insurance that is paid for by her employer. C. Charlie wants to be a

    1. asked by Macarena
    2. 2,955 views
  69. math

    If I make 9 brownies with 2 cups of cocoa and ! cup of sugar, how many cups of sugar do I need for 81 brownies?

    1. asked by Dawn
    2. 6,836 views
  70. Calculus

    If xy + e^y = e, find the values of y'' at the point where x = 0

    1. asked by A
    2. 3,876 views
  71. Physics

    A car accelerates in the +x direction from rest with a constant acceleration of a1 = 1.76 m/s2 for t1 = 20 s. At that point the driver notices a tree limb that has fallen on the road and brakes hard for t2 = 5 s with a constant acceleration of a2 = -5.93

    1. asked by Uwais
    2. 8,625 views
  72. Geometry

    The midpoint of uv is (5 -11). the coordinates of one endpoint are u(3 5) find the coordinates of endpoint v. I really need help asap! i have to put this in today.. Please and thank you!

    1. asked by Unknown
    2. 9,862 views
  73. Science

    Which data is used to make a sonar map of the ocean floor?

    1. asked by Bellator69
    2. 1,654 views
  74. Geometry

    Two straight lengths of wire are placed on the ground, forming vertical angles. If the measure of one angles formed is 72 degrees, what are the measures of the other three angles. Explain your answer. My answer-- Vertical angles are congruent and if the

    1. asked by Ashley
    2. 14,279 views
  75. english

    the speaker in birches compares the boy's climbing to

    1. asked by jj
    2. 3,942 views
  76. physics

    the problem reads this "A person with mass m1 = 62 kg stands at the left end of a uniform beam with mass m2 = 93 kg and a length L = 3.5 m. Another person with mass m3 = 65 kg stands on the far right end of the beam and holds a medicine ball with mass m4 =

    1. asked by Lis
    2. 3,263 views
  77. Math

    1.The difference of a number and sixteen A.n + 16 B.n - 16 C.16n*** D.n/16

    1. asked by Sid.V
    2. 8,932 views
  78. Math (calculus) (mean values)

    A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold S is given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. s(t)=155(7-9/(2+t)) a) Find the average rate of change of s(t) during the first year. Which my answer was 1395/28 b)

    1. asked by Ray
    2. 3,992 views
  79. Chemistry

    When 15.0 mL of 3.00 M NaOH was mixed in a calorimeter with 13.0 mL of 3.00 M HCl, both initially at room temperature (22.0 °C), the temperature increased to 29.1 °C. The resultant salt solution had a mass of 28.00 g and a specific heat capacity of 3.74

    1. asked by Ryan
    2. 549 views
  80. Pre-calculus

    Enter the interval equivalent to 2 < x ≤ 5 or x > 7

    1. asked by Anonymous
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  81. Social Studies

    Origins of Islam Quick Check What was the goal of the Hijra? A. to conquer the city of Mecca B. to open up a trade route to the west C. to get enough water to survive D. to escape persecution***

    1. asked by Social Studies Help Needed
    2. 3,545 views
  82. tech

    Which of the following expressions produce a value of type int? Mark all that apply. 1 point 2 + 2 Integer.parseInt("2") 2 + 2.0 7 / 3 11 * (int) 0.25

    1. asked by br
    2. 5,952 views
  83. Earth Science

    1. The oldest of Hawaii's volcanic islands are those that A.are on top of the hotspot. B.are a short distance past the hotspot. C.are the farthest distance from the hotspot. D. have not yet reached the hotspot. 2. 2. Which is caused by the difference in

    1. asked by Nijah
    2. 6,068 views
  84. physics

    9) A force in the +x-direction with magnitude F(x) = 18.0 N – (0.530 N/m) x is applied to a 6.00-kg box that is sitting on a frictionless surface. F(x) is the only horizontal force on the box. If the box is initially at rest at x = 0, what is its speed

    1. asked by papy
    2. 6,571 views
  85. Physics

    A speedboat moves on a lake with initial velocity vector v1,x = 8.57 m/s and v1,y = -2.61 m/s, then accelerates for 6.67 seconds at an average acceleration of aav,x = -0.105 m/s2 and aav,y = 0.101 m/s2. What are the components of the speedboat\'s final

    1. asked by Breauna
    2. 5,483 views
  86. linear approximation

    Approximate cos (2π/13) by using a linear approximation with f (x) =cos x. cos (2π/13)≈ f(a) + f ' (a)·h = c, what is h, a, and c? I'm having problems with this one please help

    1. asked by chan
    2. 2,574 views
  87. lab math

    A 5 N solution is diluted 1:4. The resulting solution is diluted 4:15. What is the concentration in normality of the final solution?

    1. asked by matter
    2. 213 views
  88. Social Studies

    1. Which are some characteristics of the Middle Colonies? Select all that apply. 1. Some colonists were skilled artisans. 2. They were all established as Royal colonies 3. Most colonists settled for religious reasons. 4. Agriculture was an important

    1. asked by Anonymous
    2. 17,108 views
  89. AP US History

    Which challenge did the Pilgrims face in their first few months at Plymouth? A. crop failures and starvation B. **** severe winter cold and illness C. regular attacks by Spanish pirates D. lack of resources with which to build ___________________________-

    1. asked by MrBeast
    2. 1,222 views
  90. History

    In the early to mid-1800s, northern states had a thriving (agrarian / industrial) economy. They relied heavily on (farming / manufacturing) as well as on finance. In contrast, southern states had fewer (factories / resources). Their economy focused on

    1. asked by Geno Suicidal Kiddo.
    2. 4,808 views
  91. Physics

    A small block with a mass of m = 0.120 kg is attached to a cord passing through a hole in a frictionless, horizontal surface. The block is originally revolving at a distance of 0.40 m from the hole with a speed of 0.70 m/s. The cord is pulled from below,

    1. asked by Sonya
    2. 3,092 views
  92. Physics

    A stubborn 120-kg pig sits down and refuses to move. To drag the pig to the barn, the exasperated farmer ties a rope around the pig and pulls with his maximum force of 800 N (assume the force is horizontal). The coefficients of friction between the pig and

    1. asked by Glichav
    2. 1,312 views
  93. Physics

    A 500.0 g bird is flying horizontally at 2.25 m/s, not paying much attention, when it suddenly flies into a stationary vertical bar, hitting it two-thirds of the way up from the bottom. The bar is uniform and very thin, is 0.750 m long, has a mass of 1.50

    1. asked by Alex
    2. 6,543 views
  94. CIRCUITS 2

    Two relays each with 20 ohms resistance and 0.16 henry inductance are connected in series. What is the equivalent impedance?

    1. asked by student
    2. 4,712 views
  95. Calculus

    Use the method of cylindrical shells to find the volume V generated by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. x = 7y^2, y ≥ 0, x = 7; about y = 2

    1. asked by sp
    2. 14,085 views
  96. pre-calc

    a semicircle of radius r=3x is inscribed in a rectangle so that the diameter of the semicircle is the length of the rectangle 1. express the area A if the rectangke as a function 2 express the perimeter P of the rectamgle as a function of x

    1. asked by morgan
    2. 2,123 views
  97. math

    You deposit $400 in a savings account that earns 7% interest compounded annually. What is the function that represents your balance after t years?

    1. asked by Katie
    2. 1,686 views
  98. math

    If a TV has the following dimensions 48” wide, 27” height, and 55” diagonal. Respond to the following questions if the TV is 5” wider and 3” higher, what is the new diagonal measurement? (Show work) 48+5=53 27+3=30 the square root of 53^2+32^2

    1. asked by my name is ...
    2. 989 views
  99. algebra I

    find all numbers such that a third of a number increased by half that number is at least 3 less than that same number. not sure what to do

    1. asked by nick
    2. 4,226 views
  100. Science

    The graph below shows how the speed of a bus changes during part of a journey. 16. In segment 0-A, the bus is ___________ . Its speed changes from 0 to 10 m/s in 5 seconds. accelerating******** accelerating negatively at a constant speed at rest 17. In

    1. asked by zaddy
    2. 3,238 views