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  1. What is active voice?(1 point)

    A.voice of writing using the present tense B.voice of writing using the past tense C.voice used in writing in which the subject of a sentence does the action*** D.voice used in writing in which the subject of the sentence

  2. Which nonfiction genre instructs or teaches the reader how to do something?

  3. 1. Find the product and simplify.

    5/16 of 24/15 A:3/10 B:1/2 C:25/128 D:128/25 2. You are making scarves for presents. Each scarf needs 3/4yd of fabric. How many yards of fabric do you need for 6 scarves? 1:9 1/3yd 2:4 1/2yd 3:8yd 4:5 1/4yd 3. Find the

  4. What is passive voice in a sentence?(1 point)

    The subject performs the action stated by the verb. The sentence uses past tense verbs. The subject is acted upon by the verb.**** The sentence uses present tense verbs.

  5. List the sides of the triangle in order from longest to shortest.

    Angle D is 86 degrees Angle F is 50 degrees Angle E is 44 degrees *xy=segment* A) EF, FD, DE B) FD, DE, EF C) EF, DE, FD D) DE, FD, EF My answer: I think it would be B but I'm not sure. If

  6. Which sentence contains a participle functioning as a verb?

    (1 point) The students are waiting for the bus. The blinking sign warns drivers of a sharp curve ahead. David brought coloring books to the restaurant.*** Mateo will only eat cooked carrots.

  7. Which sentence has correct pronoun and antecedent agreement?(1 point)

    Because the brothers were tired, he forgot to shut the gate and the dog ran out. When the teachers arrived at school, she saw the students writing with chalk.**** Carol wanted to go

  8. A student is writing a report about self-driving cars. Under which heading does the following detail belong?

    Self-driving cars can help reduce traffic. (1 point) Companies That Are Designing Self-Driving Cars Benefits of Self-Driving Cars Problems with

  9. Read the following sentence written in passive voice.

    “Many mistakes were made today,” the coach said after the team’s loss. Which option turns the sentence into active voice? (1 point) The coach said the team lost by making many mistakes. The team's

  10. what do you do about cyberbullying if the first adult you tell doesn't take you seriously

    A.Ignore it B.Tell the adult over and over again C.Tell the bully that you will tell his or her parents D.Tell another trusted adult

  11. What is the major difference between the position of producers and primary consumers in the food chain?

    Primary consumers make up the second level of the food chain, while producers make up the third level of the food chain. Primary consumers make up the

  12. What is a context clue?(1 point)

    resources that help the reader determine the origin of a word resources that help the reader determine the pronunciation of a word words or phrases in a text that help the reader determine where to find the definition of a

  13. What should you do before you decide how to organize your informative text?(1 point)

    gather information about your topic create headings for your text create an original hook for your introduction write a rough draft****

  14. When is it appropriate to use the passive voice?(1 point)

    It is never appropriate to use the passive voice. when the person or thing performing the action comes before the verb**** when the person or thing performing the action is a proper noun when the

  15. What is passive voice in a sentence?(1 point)

    A.The subject performs the action stated by the verb. B.The subject is acted upon by the verb. C.The sentence uses present tense verbs. D.The sentence uses past tense verbs.****

  16. When you are trying to understand a topic and come across conflicting information on a topic, what should you do first? (1 point)

    looks for topics on which the same authors agree look for other topics on which the same authors disagree**** decide with which

  17. The midpoint of uv is (5 -11). the coordinates of one endpoint are u(3 5) find the coordinates of endpoint v. I really need help asap! i have to put this in today..

    Please and thank you!

  18. Which option means “a group of words that has a subject and a predicate and is a complete sentence”?(1 point)

    A.dependent clause B.noun phrase C.prepositional phrase D.independent clause****

  19. What could be done to minimize the commercialism in today’s music scene?

  20. A 2.2 m-long string is fixed at both ends and tightened until the wave speed is 50 m/s.What is the frequency of the standing wave shown in the figure?

    picture has 6 waves

  21. What is the purpose of using active voice?(1 point)

    A.to write in present tense B.to correct the error presented by passive voice C.to focus attention on the receiver of the action D.to make writing stronger and more interesting****

  22. 1. Under what conditions is the tangent to f(x) to the point (a,f(a)) horizontal?

    A.f'(a) > 0 B.f'(a)=0 C.f'(a) < 0 D. f'(a) is undefined

  23. Which sentence includes a dependent clause?(1 point)

    A. It was a fancy hat! B. She smiled as she opened the package. C. Today is her 16th birthday. D. The package was heavy.

  24. [Please help this is my last question and I'm very confused.]

    The chemical equation for photosynthesis suggests that blowing on a glass of water placed in a sunbeam will produce glucose and oxygen. Compare the chemical equation to actual photosynthesis and

  25. Which is Q = 200P/L solved for P?

    A. P = QL/200 B. P = 200L/Q C. P = 200QL D. P = 200/QL I think it's A, am I correct?

  26. 1. The passing traits from parents to their children is a biological process called ______.

    A. Environment B. Gender C. Values D. Heredity **** 2. A ______________ is something a person works hard to accomplish. A. Consequence B. Decision C. Goal **** D.

  27. Which of the following activities will best help you develop your ability to advocate for healthy activities?

    A. Use the DECIDE model to make decisions B. Communicate health advice to your family C. Develop a plan to achieve a long-term goal D. Search the

  28. Write a two-column proof.

    Given: 7y=8x-14; y=6 Prove: x=7 I need help making a two-column proof with the statements and the reasons, please! Thank you! ( This is what I have so far) Statements | Reasons 1. 7y=8x-14;y=6 | Given 2. 7(6)=8x-14 | Substitution

  29. Use the sentences to answer the question.

    Many people believe a European named Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. However, Gutenberg’s press was actually building on inventions that appeared centuries earlier in China. What is the connection

  30. Write a one paragraph essay on how developments in technology influenced the rise and decline of the Assyrian Empire.

    The Assyrians were the first to use iron in their weapon works. They used it in spears, swords, shields and armor. They had the most

  31. Jurors who have been the victim of the same crime the defendant is charged with would likely be excused by what type of request?

    A. challenge for cause B.peremptory challenge C. voir dire D. writ of certiorari

  32. Washington took an active role in uniting the states around the new government by......

    A. traveling through them. B. publishing newspaper articles. C. naming cabinet members from all states. D. mentioning them all in the State of the Union. I think its c

  33. Which sentence has proper subject-verb agreement?(1 point)

    Neither Harper nor Finn are aware of the details. Missouri and Illinois are states along the Mississippi River. Either you or I are responsible for cleaning the house this afternoon.**** Hope,

  34. Describe the single transformatthat has the same effect as reflecting across the line x = 1 followed by a reflection across the line x = 5

  35. Which are the solutions to 8cos^2 theta-3cos theta=0, 0 degrees is less than or equal to theta which is less than or equal to 180 degrees ? Select all that apply

    a)0.0 degrees b)22.0 degrees c)52.0 degrees** d)68.0 degrees e)90.0 degrees** I’m pretty sure

  36. 1. The health continuum is a representation of where your current health says falls--somewhere between illness and wellness. Identify the health status that might cause a decline in health and move you toward a state of illness.

    A. Enthusiasm for life B.

  37. The pair of polygons is similar. Find the value of x.

    A. 2 in. B. 12 in. C. 13 in. D. 20 in.

  38. For the reaction CH3COOH- CH3COO + H+, which of the following statements is true?

    CH3COO- is an Arrhenius base. CH3COO- is a conjugate CH3COOH- is a Brønsted-Lowry acid. <my choice CH3COOH- is a Brønsted-Lowry base.

  39. Complete the two-column proof

    Given: triangle SVX is congruent to triangle UTX and Line SV is || to line TU Prove: VUTS is a parallelogram Image: It's a parallelogram, with one line going from corner S to corner U and a line going from corner T to corner V.

  40. Solve for X, given BD=3x+5 and AE=4x+20

    B is the midpoint of segment AC and D is the midpoint of segment CE. Solve for x, given BD=3x+5 and AE=4x+20

  41. A car, in overtaking trailer, uniformly accelerated its speed from 40 kph to 90 kph in 8 seconds. Calculate the distance traveled during the period of acceleration.

  42. What is one of the main factors attributed to Panama's booming economy?

    A)The control of Los Estados Unidos over the Panama Canal. B)Panama's sole control over the Panama Canal. C)France's abandonment of the Panama Canal project. D)Joint control of the

  43. Solve

    5x + 3y = 4 3x + 4y = 9 Just a bit confused Please help

  44. The variable W represents the width of a rectangle. The length of the rectangle, L, is 5 less than twice the width.

    Write an expression for the length of the rectangle in terms of W. Write a simplified expression for the perimeter of the rectangle in terms

  45. For each graph, find (a)AB to the nearest tenth and (b)the coordinates of the midpoint of AB.

    1. Coordinates are A(-9, -6) B(6,6) D=19.2 Midpoint=(1.5,-6) 2.A(-2,-2) B(8,-6) D=10.77 midpoint= (3,-4) 3. A(0,3) B(-2,-2) D=5.4 Midpoint= (-1,0.5)

  46. calculate the number of molecules in 200 gm of caco3.

  47. What is the mass of 65.0mL of ethanol? the density of ethanol at room temperature=0.789g/mL

  48. 1.)Which of the following statements is true?

    =a)Although they differed in form, all State constitutions embodied the same basic ideals. b)Most of the early State constitutions gave great power to the executive branch. c)Some State constitutions were

  49. A judge’s primary responsibility is to the: ___

    Responses A. state B. plaintiff C. community D. law

  50. Which of the following positions would Alexander Hamilton—but NOT Thomas Jefferson—have agreed with?

    A. Each state must have the right to create its own currency. B. States should be free to deny monies to the federal government. C. The right to not pay

  51. Members of the Constitutional Convention largely agreed on the

    A. appropriate level of states’ rights. B. powers the president should have. C. creation of a judicial branch. D. number of representatives in Congress. I think this one is B. Can someone

  52. Which of the following groups was MOST harmed by U.S. independence from Great Britain?

    A. women B. poor farmers C. American veterans D. land-owning males

  53. How did the Treaty of Paris affect Native Americans?

    A. It benefited them by expanding their territories. B. It required them to move to British territories in Canada. C. It negated previous treaties they had with the British regarding land. D. It had no

  54. Washington took an active role in uniting the states around the new government by...PLS Help its either C or D

    A. traveling through them. B. publishing newspaper articles. C. naming cabinet members from all states. D. mentioning them all in the State of the

  55. Please help i just need help with this one question.

    Washington took an active role in uniting the states around the new government by...... A. traveling through them. B. publishing newspaper articles. C. naming cabinet members from all states. D.

  56. What words can you use to replace "said"?

  57. What are some words I can use to replace the word "said"?

  58. 1. You had $320 at the end of the summer, but you've been spending $5.65 on your Starbucks coffee every morning. Which algebraic expression would describe this situation, where d represents the number of days?

  59. Which of the following best describes Georgia's reaction to the Stamp Act?

    Georgia protested the Stamp Act by refusing to sell the stamps. Georgia was the only colony to sell the stamps, allowing goods to be shipped. **Georgia colonists started smuggling

  60. Some of the teams fans were ________ and spent incredible amounts of time and money following them around the country

    Pls help the answer choices are flagrant fanatical fatuous feline

  61. Which statement about nuclear fission is correct?

  62. Which statement best represents the law of conservation of matter with regard to chemical reactions

  63. Which of the following is a physical property of sodium?

    Melting point combustibility molecular structure reactivity Which element does NOT have similar chemical properties to neon (Ne)? He Ar Xe F Why does salt water appear to be a single substance even

  64. The point Q(4,

    – 3) is rotated 180° clockwise around the origin. What are the coordinates of the resulting point, Q'?

  65. 1. Which choice shows the correct organization of an essay? (1 point)

    2. Which topic should appear in a conclusion? (1 point) 3. Which sentence could appear in a conclusion? (1 point) 4. Which sentence could appear in a conclusion? (1 point) 5. Which

  66. Which conservation problem was addressed by the Clean Water Act? (1 point)

  67. A line between a planet and the sun sweeps out to equal areas in different places as it moves along its orbit what factor remains constant as this happens

  68. Why was the geocentric model accepted for more than 1000 years

  69. Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y=x-2?

    A. (3, 1) B. (1, 3) C. (-1, 3) D. (3, -1)

  70. Which behavior is both territorial and used for courtship?(1 point)

    sparring or wrestling using antlers or horns dance rituals with potential partners defending a nest from predators baring teeth as a sign of aggression

  71. Note : Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided

    a) simply the expression and explain each step. (2 points) 4(3× + 2)-2 b) Factor the expression completely. (1 point) 20b -16 Please help me please

  72. Note : Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided

    a) simply the expression and explain each step. (2 points) b) Factor the expression completely. (1 point) 20b -16 Please help me please

  73. I have stood for almost 2,500 years on a hill called the Acropolis.

  74. Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have been accused of censoring posts that do not reflect the political philosophy of the company.

    a. Describe how censorship specifically violates the United States Constitution? b. Media bias is evident in the

  75. Polarization gives us evidence that light is sometimes best studied using a wave model of radiation. When light is passed through two polarizing filters placed at 90 degrees to each other, it is completely blocked. Interference is common with different

  76. People are exposed to radio waves 24 hours a day with little to no effect on our cells. Which situation would likely cause a higher risk to people?

    exposure to twice the intensity of radio waves exposure to radiation with much longer wavelengths exposure to

  77. A football player kicked a football with an initial velocity of 30 m/s. at an angle 60°


    Use the online textbook to answer the questions. ➝ The questions are arranged in order as they appear in the unit. ➝ After the question, the chapter reading and section is provided. The answer can be found in the

  79. 3. Find the equation of the line that satisfies the given condition.

    a) Through (−2, 4) and parallel to the line 𝑦 + 4𝑥 + 1 = 0. b) Through the points (−1, 3) and (7, 2)

  80. 4. 60 metres of fencing will be used to enclose a rectangular garden. Let 𝑤 be the width of the garden.

    a) Find a function 𝐴 in the variable 𝑤 to give the area of the garden. (Hint: You need to find an area function 𝐴(𝑤) which only has the

  81. What is 10/8 + 40/8??

  82. What are verdas??

  83. 1choose the correct subject agreement: The parks (is/are) my favorite places to go camping.

    2choose the correct subject verb agreement for the following sentences: the football players at the end of the field(is/are) practicing for fridays game. The coach

  84. What is life?

  85. Consider two circular swimming pools. Pool A has a radius of 44 feet, and Pool B has a diameter of 27.02 meters. Complete the description for which pool has a greater circumference. Round to the nearest hundredth for each circumference. 1 foot ≈ 0.305

  86. What is six subtracted from w is greater than 26

  87. Would a bacon flavored gum sell good?

  88. What is the worst joke ever?

  89. Who is God's parents?

  90. What would taste better, an elephant that has been raised in the wild, or one that has been raised in a zoo.

  91. I needed help checking the question

    which of the following does NOT concern dividing the Earth up into smaller sections? a: parallels b: meridians c: cardinal directions d: hemisphere my answer is c is this correct?

  92. Calculate the volume of a 0.225 M solution of potassium hydroxide,KOH,required to react with 0.215g of acetic acid,CH,COOH=KCH,COO+H2O.

  93. Which function has the most horizontal tangents?

    A.f(x) = 3x^3 B.f(x)=x^4-1 C.f(x)=x^2-2x+1 D.f(x)=x^3+ 3x^2-9x-1

  94. Kira wants to show her brother how to sew. What type of medium should she use?(1 point)

    photo video**** text audio recording

  95. P500,000 loan to be repaid quarterly in 5 years. The interest rate applied is 6% convertible quarterly. The quarterly payment is solved as P32,073.56. How much is the outstanding balance after 3 years?

  96. Which line from Brighton Beach Memoirs best helps the audience understand Eugene's perspective that he is treated unfairly?

    A. One pitch, Mom? I think I can get him to pop up. I have my stuff today. B. I got hit with a baseball right in the back of the

  97. Raccoons eat all sorts of things.

    How could this sentence be rewritten to use domain-specific language? (1 point) Raccoons are omnivores. Raccoons eat meat and vegetables. Raccoons eat whatever they can find. Raccoons are not picky eaters.****

  98. Why should you use a variety of sentence structures in your writing?

    A:Using a variety of sentence structures helps a piece of writing to be more interesting and smooth and less monotonous. Complex sentences help to show the connections among ideas and

  99. Which transition word or phrase helps the reader understand the order in which events occurred?

    At first, Susie didn't want to go to the party because her friends weren't going. However, she changed her mind and decided to go once she heard there would be a

  100. Which sentence has a pronoun and antecedent that agree in number and person?(1 point)

    Our neighbors are celebrating his son’s birthday today. My mom gave me a new book because they have an interesting plot twist. My cousin is getting married, and she is


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