what are motifs?

Motifs are like repeated images or themes that run through a story. http://www.answers.com/motif

In order to get a good idea about them, here are some analyses of motifs and themes in a couple of well known works:

Themes are first; scroll down for motifs.

Again, scroll down for motifs.


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8 months ago

Motifs are recurring elements or symbols that appear throughout a literary work and contribute to its overall meaning and theme. They can take the form of images, objects, actions, or ideas that are repeated and referenced multiple times. Identifying and analyzing motifs in a text can help readers understand deeper layers of meaning and discover connections between different parts of the story.

To understand motifs, you can start by reading the text carefully and paying attention to any recurring elements or patterns that stand out. Look for images, symbols, or themes that appear multiple times and seem to have a significance beyond their literal meaning. Ask yourself why these elements are repeated and what they might represent in the larger context of the story.

Additionally, online resources such as Answers.com and SparkNotes provide helpful explanations and analyses of motifs in various literary works. These resources offer insights into the different motifs present in specific texts and how they contribute to the overall themes and messages of the stories.

By studying the motifs in a literary work and considering their implications, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the author's intentions and the underlying messages conveyed in the text.

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