I am having trouble finding scholarly articles/essays on issues found in King Lear. Any suggestions?

First look at this site for Themes and Motifs:

Then use a search to check articles on those themes. One is brutality... there has been quite a bit in the news about unwarranted brutality. Another is defiance of politial authority... there are others.

To find scholarly articles and essays on issues found in King Lear, here are a few suggestions:

1. Start by exploring theme guides or analyses on reputable educational websites such as SparkNotes (http://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/lear/). These guides often provide summaries, character analyses, and discussion of major themes and motifs in the play.

2. Identify specific themes or issues from King Lear that you are interested in. For example, brutality, defiance of political authority, or any other theme that resonates with you.

3. Once you have identified your themes of interest, use a search engine or an academic database (such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, or the MLA International Bibliography) to search for scholarly articles and essays on those themes in King Lear. You can use specific keywords related to your chosen theme, such as "brutality in King Lear" or "defiance of political authority in King Lear" to narrow down your search.

4. When reviewing search results, pay attention to the sources and ensure that they are from reputable academic journals, edited collections, or publications. Look for articles written by recognized scholars in the field of Shakespeare and literary studies.

5. As you read the articles, take notes on the key arguments, evidence, and perspectives that the authors present. It is also helpful to note any citations or references provided in the articles, as these can lead you to additional sources that may be relevant to your research.

Remember, scholarly articles and essays provide in-depth analysis and critical discussions, which can help deepen your understanding of the themes and issues in King Lear.