how much dose smoking cost Ontario canada taxoayers because of health care? plz answer asap!

Your exact answer is at the following site page:

lance sry it wasn't can some1 answer me in the ? plz

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8 months ago

I apologize for any confusion. The exact cost of smoking to Ontario taxpayers due to healthcare expenses can vary over time and may be challenging to provide in real-time. However, I can guide you on how to find resources that can give you an estimate.

1. Start by visiting the website of the Government of Ontario or the Ministry of Health to find any official reports or studies on the topic. These organizations often provide information on healthcare costs related to smoking.

2. Look for research studies conducted by reputable organizations or academic institutions that focus on the economic impact of smoking on the healthcare system in Ontario. These studies may provide estimates of the costs borne by taxpayers.

3. Utilize search engines such as Google to search for relevant keywords such as "smoking costs Ontario taxpayers" or "economic impact of smoking on healthcare in Ontario." This can help you find articles, news reports, and studies on the subject.

By following these steps, you should be able to find reliable information that can provide an estimate of smoking-related healthcare costs to Ontario taxpayers.

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