Why does walter love his peaches so much

He does not love his peaches, he is only shaking his tree to make them fall, but his actions are misinterpreted for narcissism.

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8 months ago

To understand why Walter is shaking his tree, we need to delve into the context of this question. As an AI, I don't have specific knowledge about the personal preferences or actions of individuals named Walter. However, if you are referring to a specific case or a fictional character, it's important to consider the broader context of the story or situation.

In the absence of specific information, let's explore the idea of someone shaking a tree to make peaches fall. Generally, when someone shakes a tree to collect fruit that has ripened, it is because they want to harvest the fruit and enjoy it. So, it's reasonable to assume that Walter may appreciate the taste of peaches and wants to enjoy them.

However, as you mentioned, his actions may be misinterpreted as narcissism. This could be due to factors such as his behavior, demeanor, or the way others perceive him. Without additional details, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind this misinterpretation.

If you're curious about a specific instance involving Walter and his peaches, it may be helpful to provide more information so we can explore the situation more accurately.

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