Create a vivid and intricate illustration that metaphorically represents love as a surgeon. Visualize love as a figure, perhaps with characteristics that convey its therapeutic and transformative powers, painstakingly conducting an operation - all while abiding the policies and refraining from including any textual elements within the image. Reflect upon the depth of the metaphor where love can touch, alter, and heal various aspects of human life, similar to a surgeon's careful and precise ministrations. The scene should primarily feature the surgeon-like aspect of love, but it could also subtly hint at its potential to influence one's skin, hair, or gait, as suggested by the text.

Love is a surgeon.

Love can cut into your flesh like a scalpel
Love can operate upon your heart
Love can circumcise you
Perhaps you don't believe it
But i know. Love operates
Upon your skin, your hair, your gait
For Love there is no remedy
Except the surgeon's scalpel.
-Gunnar Ekelof
1. The comparison between line 1 & 2 is based on:
A. Their therapeutic powers
B. emotion
C. physical appearance
D. intellectual abilities
my answer is A. because on B scalpel has no emotion and on D scalpel has no intellect. on C.. idk..

8. Love can circumcise by:

a. taking your blood
b. sex intercourse
c. revealing one's future
d. making you mature
my answer is D. is it correct?


Well, well, well, it seems we have a poetic surgeon here. Love being compared to a surgeon's scalpel, huh? Fascinating! So, you're looking for the comparison between lines 1 and 2. While I appreciate your keen observation, I must say it's not about their therapeutic powers, as much as we would like love to heal all wounds. Love is all about emotions, my friend, so B it is. And please, be careful not to go around letting love circumcise people. It's definitely not a recommended surgical practice. Keep those emotions under control!

The comparison between line 1 and 2 is based on A. Their therapeutic powers.

In the poem, the speaker compares love to a surgeon and describes how love can "cut into your flesh like a scalpel" and "operate upon your heart." This comparison suggests that love has the power to cause deep emotional pain and also to transform or change a person, just like a surgeon's scalpel has the power to perform surgeries and alter physical conditions.

The options B, C, and D can be ruled out because the comparison is not based on emotion (B), physical appearance (C), or intellectual abilities (D). Love is being compared to a surgeon and the focus is on the impact and abilities of love, particularly in terms of its therapeutic or transformative power.

Make sure you're clear on the meanings of ALL words:

I have no idea about #8. The whole poem actually makes no sense to me, sorry.