What are some good sites to use as a resource in writing a paper which would discuss two revolutions i.e. french revolution, etc.?

American Revolution



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French Revolution




In a discussion of these two revolutions, you'll probably end up with more contrast than comparison. Here's a webpage that'll help you with the structure of such a paper:


Thank you very much for these referrals. ML

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8 months ago

You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. When looking for resources to use in writing a paper comparing two revolutions, it is important to ensure that the sources are credible and provide reliable information. Here are some good sites that you can use as resources:

For the American Revolution:
1. Library of Congress - Our Documents: This website provides access to primary documents related to the American Revolution, making it a valuable resource for understanding the historical context.
2. PBS - Liberty! The American Revolution: This resource offers interactive materials, videos, and lesson plans that can provide a deeper understanding of the American Revolution.
3. History Place - American Revolution: This site offers a comprehensive overview of the events, people, and documents related to the American Revolution, making it a good starting point for research.

For the French Revolution:
1. Center for History and New Media: This website provides a wide range of resources, including primary sources, images, and essays about the French Revolution.
2. Fordham University - Modern History Sourcebook: This sourcebook provides a collection of translated documents related to the French Revolution, making it a valuable resource for primary research.
3. Britannia - French Revolution: This website offers a detailed account of the causes, events, and impact of the French Revolution, providing a comprehensive overview of the topic.
4. Wikipedia - French Revolution: Though not always considered a scholarly source, Wikipedia can still provide a good starting point for understanding key aspects of the French Revolution. Make sure to verify the information with other sources.

In addition to these resources, the link provided is a great resource for understanding the structure and organization of a paper that compares two different topics.

Remember to always double-check your facts and cite your sources properly to ensure academic integrity. Good luck with your paper!

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