please send me some example about that essay, "Away to decrease your chance of becoming a victime of random violence"

There are no "examples" of essays here. You must write your own; then post it and someone here will be able to give you feedback.

Here are some wonderful websites to show you how to write a good essay:


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Critical thinking and clinical reason

To provide an example essay on "Ways to decrease your chance of becoming a victim of random violence," I will outline the structure and key points that you can use to write your own essay.

- Begin by introducing the topic of random violence and its impact on individuals and communities.
- Provide a brief overview of why this is an important issue to address.

Body Paragraphs:
1. Increase Awareness:
- Discuss the importance of being aware of one's surroundings.
- Explain the significance of being alert and observant to potential dangers.
- Give examples of situations where increased awareness could prevent becoming a victim of random violence.

2. Self-Defense Education:
- Highlight the benefits of learning basic self-defense techniques.
- Discuss the importance of physical and mental preparedness.
- Provide resources for self-defense classes or tutorials that individuals can pursue.

3. Personal Safety Measures:
- Share practical tips for enhancing personal safety, such as always walking in well-lit areas, avoiding risky situations or locations, and using personal safety apps or devices.
- Discuss the importance of trusting instincts and knowing when to remove oneself from potentially dangerous situations.
- Mention the significance of keeping valuable belongings hidden to avoid becoming a target.

4. Community Engagement:
- Emphasize the role communities play in preventing random violence.
- Suggest examples of community programs, such as neighborhood watch groups, that promote safety and security.
- Encourage individuals to report suspicious activities to local authorities or community organizations.

- Recap the importance of personal responsibility and promoting safety in one's life.
- Remind readers that decreasing the chance of becoming a victim of random violence requires a proactive approach.
- Encourage individuals to share this information with their friends, family, and community members.

Remember, when writing your essay, it is essential to add examples, statistics, and research to support your ideas effectively.