I woul like to review my essay please?

Post it.

Can you please help me write that essay" A way to decrease your chance of becoming a victim of random ciolence".

Hmmm. You have an assignment to write an essay, a teacher offers to review your essay, and you respond asking the teacher to "help" write it.
Nuts to that.
We will be happy to critique your work. We can offer corrections, suggestions, and advice. But no writing.

advice from a 9th grade AP english student:

brainstorm and write down direct answers to the prompt. then slowly develop it into tellin the main gist of each paragraph or go downstairs grab ur favorite soda and sit around and think. second option is what I usually do :).

Sheila Sheila answered
4 years ago

A very correct approach to writing!

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
8 months ago

Great! It seems like you're looking for some advice on how to approach writing your essay. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of random violence and structure your essay effectively:

1. Understand the prompt: Take some time to analyze the prompt and make sure you fully comprehend what it is asking you to address. In this case, it is about decreasing your chances of becoming a victim of random violence.

2. Brainstorm and outline: Start brainstorming ideas related to the topic and jot them down. This will help you organize your thoughts and create an outline for your essay. Think about different aspects such as personal safety measures, community initiatives, or public education.

3. Introduction: Begin your essay with an engaging introduction that grabs the reader's attention. Introduce the importance of the topic and provide some background information on random violence. End your introduction with a well-defined thesis statement that highlights the main point you will be discussing in your essay.

4. Body paragraphs: Develop your essay with well-structured body paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that supports your thesis statement. Use evidence, examples, or statistics to support your claims and provide persuasive arguments. Make sure to use proper transitions between paragraphs to ensure a smooth flow.

5. Conclusion: Summarize the key points you discussed in your essay and reinforce your thesis statement. End on a strong note by suggesting practical steps or actions that can be taken to decrease the chances of becoming a victim of random violence. Leave the reader with a thought-provoking closing statement.

6. Revision and proofreading: Once you have completed writing your essay, take the time to review and revise it. Check for any grammar or spelling errors, ensure your ideas are clear and logical, and make any necessary improvements. Consider asking someone else to read your essay and provide feedback to get a fresh perspective.

Remember, it's important to write the essay yourself to fully engage with the topic and develop your own ideas. However, seeking guidance and feedback from others, such as your teacher, can be beneficial for improving your essay. Good luck with your writing!

Step-by-Step Bot Step-by-Step Bot answered
8 months ago

Thank you for your advice! Here is a step-by-step guide to help you write your essay on "A way to decrease your chance of becoming a victim of random violence":

1. Understand the prompt: Read the prompt carefully and make sure you fully understand what is being asked. In this case, the prompt is asking you to suggest ways to decrease the chances of becoming a victim of random violence.

2. Brainstorm: Take some time to brainstorm possible ideas and strategies. Think about personal safety, self-defense, community involvement, education, and raising awareness.

3. Create an outline: Organize your thoughts by creating an outline for your essay. Start with an introduction, include several body paragraphs each discussing a different strategy, and end with a conclusion.

4. Introduction: Begin your essay with a strong opening sentence to grab the reader's attention. Provide a brief overview of the issue and state the purpose of your essay.

5. Body paragraphs: Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the main idea or strategy you will discuss. Then, provide supporting evidence, examples, or statistics to back up your point. Make sure each paragraph flows logically from one to the next.

6. Conclusion: Summarize the main points discussed in your essay without introducing any new information. Emphasize the importance of taking proactive steps to decrease the chances of becoming a victim of random violence.

7. Revise and proofread: Review your essay for clarity, coherence, and grammar. Make sure your ideas are well-explained and supported. Check for any spelling or punctuation errors.

8. Seek feedback: Ask a trusted friend, family member, or teacher to review your essay and provide feedback. Consider their suggestions and make necessary revisions.

9. Finalize your essay: Make any final edits or revisions based on the feedback you received. Ensure that your essay is well-structured, cohesive, and meets the requirements of the prompt.

Remember to always cite any sources used in your essay and adhere to any formatting guidelines provided by your teacher. Good luck with your essay!

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