Q: Who claimed that our subjection to pain and pleasure should be the foundation for our laws?

a. Simone de Beauvoir
b. Kant
c. Jeremy Bentham
d. Peter Singer
e. Aristippus

I think it is C, but i am not sure about E... or possibly the other ones. Thank u!


c, definetly c.

Kant thought that the fundamental moral value is

The correct answer is c. Jeremy Bentham. He was a British philosopher and jurist who proposed the ethical theory of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism holds that the right action is the one that maximizes overall happiness or well-being for the greatest number of individuals. Bentham argued that pain and pleasure are the fundamental motivators of human behavior and that laws should be designed to maximize pleasure and minimize pain for society as a whole. The principle of utilitarianism is often summarized as "the greatest happiness for the greatest number."

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