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  1. Determain if the underlined word or phrase is a participle or a verb. The "questioning" reporter inquired about the cause of the fire

  2. Describe the total momentum of billiard balls before and after the cue ball collides with another ball

  3. If the centripetal force on an object in uniform circular motion is increased, what is the effect on (a) the frequency of rotation f (with r constant) and (b) f and r when both are free to vary?

  4. if two forces 10N and 20N are inclined at angle 60degree to each other. Find the resultant force.

  5. A hot-air balloon is floating above a straight road. To estimate their height above the ground, the balloonists simultaneously measure the angle of depression to two consecutive mileposts on the road on the same side of the balloon. The angles of

  6. 4. A model rocket with a mass of 0.2 kg, with a motor that can provide a force of 100 N. A second model rocket is being built with the same motor, but is being designed to accelerate half as much as the first rocket. What kind of change can be made in the

  7. The sun is setting at the rate of 1/4 deg/min, and appears to be dropping perpendicular to the horizon, as depicted in figure 6.2.5. How fast is the shadow of a 25 meter wall lengthening at the moment when the shadow is 50 meters long?

  8. A stone is dropped from the upper observation deck of a tower, 200 m above the ground. (Assume g = 9.8 m/s^2.)

    a)Find the distance (in meters) of the stone above ground level at time t. b)With what velocity does it strike the ground? (Round your answer to

  9. 3. Imagine a scenario where an animal’s force is pushing itself forward 5 N. Friction is pushing it 4 N backward. Gravity is pushing it 10 N down. And the animal is pushing itself 10 N Up. Describe the movement of the animal.

    A. It only moves forward

  10. Parenthetical expressions include information that may be helpful but are not essential to the meaning of a sentence. They are de-emphasized by ________.

    A. dashes B. parentheses C. commas D. brackets I'm not really understanding this question. It has to be

  11. can anyone explain how does the balanced chemical equation show the law of conservation of mass?

  12. If f(x) = sqrt x + 3/sqrt x, then f’(4) =

  13. What items do the Mapuche make that still have great value to the Spanish?

    There is more than one correct answer choice. Be sure to select all that apply. leather textiles ponchos pottery A and D?

  14. Cyndee wants to invest $50,000. Her financial planner advises her to invest in three types of accounts: one paying 3%, one paying 5 1/2%, and one paying 6% simple interest per year. Cyndee wants to put twice as much in the lowest-yielding, least-risky

  15. According to the Central Limit Theorem, The traditional sample size that separates a large sample size from a small sample size is one that is greater than 100

    30 500 20

  16. A truck driver slams on the brakes and skids to a stop through a displacement of delta x.

    (a) IF the truck has twice the mass, by what factor does the stopping distance change? 1) 0.25 or 2) 1 or 3) 4 (b) If the initial velocity of the truck were halved, by

  17. Which phase of the moon is visible when the moon is located between the Earth and sun?

  18. Consider a binomial random variable where the number of trials is 12 and the probability of success on each trial is 0.25. Find the mean and standard deviation of this random variable. I have a mean of 4 and a standard deviation of 2.25 is this correct

  19. The parametric equations for a line L1 are as follows:

    x = −4−6t y = 2+2t z = 1−4t Let L2 be the line parallel to L1 and passing through the point (−3, −3, −3). Find the point P on L2 whose x-coordinate is −12. P=P(-12, _ , _ ) ?

  20. What belief does Whitman share with Ralph Waldo Emerson and other transcendentalists?

    A) We should live our lives well to achieve everlasting happiness. B) Man learns his most important lessons and insights in the present, through direct experience. If I

  21. A spinner is used for which it is equally probable that the pointer will land on any one of six regions. Three of the regions are colored red , two are colored green, and one in colored yellow. If the pointer is spun twice, find the probability it will

  22. Which of the following statements about the correlation coefficient r are true?

    I. It is not affected by changes in the measurement units of the variables. II. It is not affected by which variable is called x and which is called y. III. It is not affected

  23. Two ice skaters are practicing a lift. They skate directly towards each other. The woman has a mass of 60 kg and a velocity of 3 m/s towards the east. The man has a mass of 100 kg and is skating at a velocity of 4 m/s towards the west. They time it badly

  24. Suppose that Neptune Music has the copyright to the latest CD of the heavy Iron Band. The market demand schedule for the CD is:

    Q = 800 – 100P. Q represents quantity demanded measured in thousands of CDs and P represents the price in dollars. Production

  25. Points A, B, C, and T are in space such that TA, TB, and TC are perpendicular to the other two. If TA = TB = 12 and TC = 6, then what is the distance from T to face ABC?

  26. Given overall reaction: P4 + 10Cl2 ---> 4PCl5 Delta H for the reaction = ?

    PCl5 -----> PCl3 + Cl2 Delta H = +157 kJ P4 + 6Cl2 ----> 4PCl3 Delta H = -1207 kJ Calculate the Delta H for the overall reaction.

  27. Ni2+(aq)+Mg(s)→Ni(s)+Mg2+(aq)

    Indicate the half-reaction occurring at Anode. Indicate the half-reaction occurring at Cathode.

  28. 5. In which situation does the reactive force between two colliding objects cause a physical change?

    A. The exhaust from a rocket thrusting away from the ground B. A swing hitting another swing causing the second swing to move away. C. Two bumper cars

  29. 2. A group of students conduct an experiment to study Newton’s Second law of motion. They applied force to a toy car to measure the acceleration. The table shows the results.

    Force: 2.0 Acceleration: 5.0 Force: 3.0. Acceleration: 7.5 Force: 6.0.

  30. Find the area of the indicated region. We suggest you graph the curves to check whether one is above the other or whether they cross, and that you use technology to check your answer.

    enclosed by y = ex, y = 5, and the y-axis

  31. 1. An example of a prediction conclusion is ________.

    A .suggesting what the audience might do after they read your paper B. picking up an idea or image suggested in the introduction and echoing it in the conclusion C. a logical extension of the information

  32. An observational study is described. Determine the nature and scope of the conclusion the study can reach.

    In a group of 500 women, those who smoked moderately did worse on tests of reaction time than those who did not smoke. A) Smoking moderately causes

  33. Which of the following is visible to a person only because light from another source reflects off it?

    - lightning - flashlight - cloud - sun

  34. 1. I am into sports.

    (What is the meaning of this sentence?) 2. Exercise is good for the health. 2-1. Exercise is good for health. 2-2. Exercise is good for your health. 2-3. Exercise does good for people. (Are all correct?) 3. Our athletic meet took place

  35. Draw a free body diagram for a satellite in an elliptical orbit showing why its speed increases as it approaches its parent body and decreases as it moves away.

  36. if y=cos^2x-sin^2x, then y'=

  37. In a group of 40 students, 22 study Economics, 25 study Law, and 3 study neither of these subjects. Determine the probability that a randomly chosen student studies:

    1. Both Economics and Law 2. At Least one of these subjects 3. Economics given that he or

  38. it costs 8 dollars to manufacture and distribute a backpack.If the backpack sell at x dollar each, the number sold , n, is given by n= 3/(x-8)+5(100-x) . Find the selling price that will maximize the profit.

  39. A Sample of gas originally at 25 degrees C and 1 atm pressure in a 2.5 L container is allowed to expand until the pressure is .85 atm and the temperature is 15 degrees C. What is the final volume of gas?

    Did anyone get 2.6 L

  40. a string can hold up 12 kg without breaking. You tie the string to a 30kg object sitting on ice and use it to pull the object horizontally 22m. Calculate the minimum possible time to complete the task

  41. If my p-value = .322 and my significant level is .05 , then

    My Null Hypothesis is rejected and I must accept the Alternative hypothesis My Null Hypothesis is not rejected My Alternative hypothesis becomes the new Null Hypothesis I cannot make a decision

  42. He is a math teacher.

    He is a Math teacher. Do I have to capitalize Math or not? are both OK?

  43. The amount of revenue brought in by states from motor

    vehicle licenses increased at a relatively constant rate of 499.79 million dollars per year from 1990 to 2000. In 2000, the states brought in 15,099 million dollars in revenue from motor vehicle

  44. What is the standard form of five and three hundred fifty-two thousandths?

    1: 5.0032 2: 5,352,000 3: 5.352 4: 5.30052000 Is it two?

  45. Cryptic Quiz

    1. What do you call a skydiver with the flu? 2. How do you crash a houseboat party?

  46. A telephone company's records indicate that private customers pay on average $17.10 per month for long-distance telephone calls. A random sample of 10 customers' bills during a given month produced a sample mean of $22.10 expended for long-distance calls

  47. A ship at A is to sail to C, 56km north and 258km east of A. After sailing N25°10’E for 120mi to P, the ship is headed toward C. Find the distance of P from C and the required course to mean C.

  48. Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by y=x^3, y=25x, x ≥ 0

  49. A mixture of Xe, Kr, and Ar has a total pressure of 6.7 atm. What is the mole fraction of Kr if the partial pressures of XE and Ar are 1.6 atm and 2.8 atm?

    Did anyone get .343 ?

  50. The velocity of a particle on the x-axis is given by the differential equation dx/

    dt= t^2/ 2 and the particle is at x = 4 when t = 2. The position of the particle as a function of time is: A. x(t) = t^3 / 6 - 26/3 B. x(t) =t +2 C. r(t) = t - 2 D. x(t) =

  51. If the difference of two numbers is a and the smaller number is x what is the greater number

  52. Two workers are sliding 360 kg crate across the floor. One worker pushes forward on the crate with a force of 380 N while the other pulls in the same direction with a force of 280 N using a rope connected to the crate. Both forces are horizontal, and the

  53. A fruit grower uses 1/3 of his land for bananas,3/8 for pineapples1/6 for mangoes and the remainder for oranges. What fraction of his land is used for oranges?

  54. How many moles of CO2 would be expected to be produced from 0.00639 moles of sodium carbonate?

  55. A cube of ice is taken from the freezer at -8.8°C and placed in a 103 g aluminum calorimeter filled with 321 g of water at room temperature of 20°C. The final situation is observed to be all water at 15°C. What was the mass of the ice cube?

    Could someone

  56. tan(sin^-1(5/6)-cos^-1(1/5)

  57. The average time a visitor spends at the Renzie Park Art Exhibit is 62 minutes. The standard deviation is 12 minutes. If a visitor is selected at random, find the probability that he or she will spend:

    A)At least 82 minutes at the exhibit B)At most 50

  58. During a year of operation, a firm collects $450,000 in revenue and spends $100,000 on labor expense, raw materials, rent, and utilities. The firm's owner has provided $750,000 of her own money instead of investing the money and earning a 10% annual rate

  59. A: How many boys and girls are there in the park?

    B: There are five boys and girls in the park. --------------------- What is the meaning of B? Does it mean that there are only 5 people including boys and girls? Or does it mean that there are 10 people; 5

  60. A gas of unknown molecular mass was allowed to effuse through a small opening under constant-pressure conditions. It required 125 s for 1.0 L of the gas to effuse. Under identical experimental conditions it required 34 s for 1.0 L of O2 gas to effuse.


  61. The position of a particle moving along the x-axis at time t > 0 seconds is given by the function x(t) = e ^ t - 2t feet.

    a) Find the average velocity of the particel over the interval [1,3]. b) In what direction and how fast is the particle moving at t= 1

  62. Express 7 1/20% as a decimal

  63. A woman makes n baskets and sells them all at the same price

    A) if she sells all but three of the basket , she will get #11,400 .express the selling price of a basket in terms of n B) if she makes three more basket and sells them all , she will get #15000

  64. Which of the following is always true about a reaction at equilibrium?

    A. The concentration of the products is not equal to the concentration of the reactants. close B. The concentration of the products is equal to the concentration of the reactants. C.

  65. During which stroke of a four-stroke internal combustion engine is work done by the system of gases?

    A. Power stroke B. Intake stroke C. Compression stroke D. Exhaust stroke It isn't C because work is done to and not by

  66. Why does a weather balloon pop if it goes too high?

    A. The pressure in the balloon decreases as the temperature increases. B. The pressure in the balloon increases as the volume decreases. C. The volume of gas increases as the pressure decreases with

  67. A tool room 28 feet by 35 feet was enlarged to the dimensions of 28 feet by 49 feet. By what percentage did the room size increase?

  68. What is the maximum mass (in grams) of each of the following soluble salts that can be added to 120 mL of 0.050 M BaCl2 without causing a precipitate to form? (Assume that the addition of solid causes no change in volume.)

    (a) (NH4)2SO4 × 10 g (Enter your

  69. which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

    A. The horse rode to our house, the beach, and around the church, before he started to tire. B. The strong heavyset fighter won his first fight, and he was featured in the newspaper. C. The ladies's

  70. What is the equilibrium constant for the

    reaction taking place at room temperature (T = 25◦C) in the battery Zn(s)| Zn2+(aq)|| Ce4+(aq)| Ce3+(aq) ? Assume that the number of electrons transferred in the reaction is n = 2. Zn2+ + 2 e − → Zn E ◦ red =

  71. Given the following vectors, where Vector A is 6.3 meters and Vector B is 3.5 meters, determine the magnitude of the following vector sums: A+B, A-B, B-A

    I tried to do magnitude such as A+B = square root (6.3)^2+(3.5)^2 = 7.2 then A-B = square root

  72. Marketing tells you that if you set the price of an item at $10 then you will be unable to sell it, but that you can sell 500 items for each dollar below $10 that you set the price. Suppose your fixed costs total $3000, and your marginal cost is $2 per

  73. Antiques ‘R’ Us is a mature manufacturing firm. The company just paid a dividend of $11.45, but management expects to reduce the payout by 4.5 percent per year, indefinitely.

    Required: If you require a return of 11 percent return on this stock, what

  74. Points $D$, $E$, and $F$ are the midpoints of sides $\overline{BC}$, $\overline{CA}$, and $\overline{AB}$, respectively, of $\triangle ABC$. Points $X$, $Y$, and $Z$ are the midpoints of $\overline{EF}$, $\overline{FD}$, and $\overline{DE}$, respectively.

  75. No idea where to start

    The cost in dollars of producing x units of a particular camera is C(x) = x2 - 10000. (10 points) Find the average rate of change of C with respect to x when the production level is changed from x = 100 to x = 101. Include units in

  76. The top of a 13 foot ladder is sliding down a vertical wall at a constant rate of 4 feet per minute. When the top of the ladder is 5 feet from the ground, what is the rate of change of the distance between the bottom of the ladder and the wall

  77. To convert miles per hour to feet per second, which conversion factor would not be used?

    a. 1 hr/60 min b. 1 min/60 sec c. 5280 ft/1 mi d. 1 mi/5280 ft

  78. A block of mass m = 5.2 kg is released from rest at a height of H = 4.0 m on a curved frictionless ramp. At the foot of the ramp is a spring whose spring constant is k = 192.0 N/m. What is the maximum compression of the spring, x?

    After the spring reaches

  79. New York and Pennsylvania have progressive toll roads. Upon entering the toll road the driver receives a ticket marking the location and time of entrance. Upon exiting the mileage is computed and the driver pays the toll. Which of the following would you

  80. 10 friends share 7 dollars,what is the fraction?

  81. Maximize P = 4x + 20y subject to these constraints:

    2x + 15y ≤ 700 5x + 10y ≤ 1150 5x + 5y ≤ 1000 4x + 15y ≤ 980 x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0 Maximum value for P = ?. This value of P occurs when x = ? and y = ? If u1, u2, u3, and u4 represent the slack

  82. The t distribution should be used when ___.

    the sampling population is not normal the sampling population is unimodal The sampling distribution is normal and the population standard deviation is unknown the population standard deviation is known

  83. An electron in a certain atom is in the n = 2 quantum level. List the possible

    values of (cursive L). And for each value of (cursive L), list the possible values of m(cursive L) that it can have. For each of the areas above that say (cursive L), this means

  84. find z such that 5.2% of the standard normal curve lies to the left of z

  85. A light beam strikes a piece of glass at a 60.00° incident angle. The beam contains two wavelengths, 450.0 nm and 700.1 nm, for which the index of refraction of the glass is 1.4824 and 1.4750, respectively. What is the angle between the two refracted

  86. How many different sums of money can be formed from one $2 bill, three $5 bills, two $10 bills, and one $20 bill?

    the answer at the back of the book is 23, but i don't know how to solve it.

  87. 12/3*2-1=1

  88. A line with gradient of -3,passes through points 3.k and k.8 find the value of k and hence express the equation of the line in the form of ax+by=c ,where a,b and c are constants

  89. when 1 is subtracted from three times a certain number and then divided by 5,the result is the same as when 1 is added to the number what is the number

  90. Who is the persona in the poem of remember by Alice walker

  91. Logx³-logx²

  92. Which excerpt from the diary of Samuel Pepys most clearly indicates that he was a wealthy man ?

  93. Find the LCD for the fractions 1/7 and 3/5

  94. Which process in photosynthesis uses energy from the sun?(1 point)

  95. The height in metres of a projectile launched from the top of a building is given by h(t) =- 5t2 + 10t+5 where t is the time in seconds since it was launched. a) How high was the projectile at the moment of launch? b) At what time does the projectile hit

  96. The amount of aluminum in a 100-g sample of the metal is

  97. Two crews were assigned the job of setting a total of 960 conduit hangers. By the time the job was completed, one crew had set only 7/8 as many conduit hangers as the other crew. How many conduit hangers were set by the slower group?

  98. Why are the Galapagos Islands important?

    There is more than one correct answer choice. Be sure to select all that apply. The islands have highly profitable resources that Ecuador uses. When visiting the islands, Charles Darwin was inspired to develop his

  99. Bethany, who weighs 420N, lies in a hammock suspended by two ropes tied to two trees. The left rope makes an angle of 45 degrees with the ground, the right one makes an angle of 30 degrees. Find the tension of the left rope. Find the tension of the right

  100. What is the value of the greatest of four consecutive integers if the least minus twice the greatest equal 8?

    Please show the work so I can understand how to complete the problem - thank you