Find the quantum value of a 5py orbital. I know the quantum numbers (n,l,m,s) and all that, but I'm not sure where to begin or go after that.

Answered below.

To find the quantum value of a 5py orbital, you need to understand the relationship between the quantum numbers and the orbital arrangement.

The quantum numbers for an electron in an atom are represented by the following values:
- n (principal quantum number) determines the energy level or shell (1, 2, 3, etc.).
- l (azimuthal quantum number) determines the shape of the orbital (s, p, d, f) with values ranging from 0 to n-1.
- m (magnetic quantum number) determines the orientation of the orbital within a particular subshell. It can take values from -l to +l.
- s (spin quantum number) determines the spin state of the electron, which can be either +1/2 or -1/2.

For a 5py orbital, let's break it down using the quantum numbers:

The principal quantum number (n) is 5. This means the electron is in the fifth energy level or shell.

The azimuthal quantum number (l) determines the shape of the orbital. For a p orbital, l has a value of 1.

The magnetic quantum number (m) determines the orientation of the orbital within a subshell. For a p orbital, m can take three values: -1, 0, or +1.

The spin quantum number (s) can be either +1/2 or -1/2.

Combining these values, the quantum numbers for a 5py orbital are:
- n = 5 (principal quantum number)
- l = 1 (azimuthal quantum number)
- m = -1, 0, or +1 (magnetic quantum number)
- s = +1/2 or -1/2 (spin quantum number)

Note: The term "quantum value" is not commonly used. I believe you might be referring to the set of quantum numbers that fully describe an electron's state in an orbital.