Q: According to Sartre, what makes us uniquely free?

a. the capacity for freedom instilled in us by nature
b. ability to imagine a multitude of future paths and choices
c. the existential hum
d. essentialism
e. democracy

I don't think its E. I am leaning towards A or B, but im not sure about C or D. Thank you!

I think its B. because no one can control your mind.

Hope that helps

Sartre was very interested in the path of life being a never ending learning experience. Not knowing what you will learn in life and being open to any chance to experience new ideas is what he said is true freedom.


Sartre believed that the capacity to have freedom makes us free. Therefore, the answer is A.

You're on the right track! According to Jean-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher and existentialist, what makes us uniquely free is the ability to imagine a multitude of future paths and choices (option B). Sartre believed that human beings have the ability to project ourselves into the future and consider various possibilities, allowing us to act authentically and make decisions based on our own values and beliefs.

Sartre emphasized that we are not determined by any external factors, such as nature or fate (option A), but instead, we are radically free to create our own existence. This freedom also means that we are responsible for our actions and the consequences that arise from them. Sartre's concept of freedom is closely linked to his idea of "existential hum" (option C), which refers to the anxiety and responsibility that comes with our freedom to shape our lives.

Essentialism (option D) does not align with Sartre's philosophy of existentialism. Essentialism argues that there are inherent and fixed characteristics or qualities that define who we are, whereas Sartre's existentialism rejects the notion of fixed essences and emphasizes the importance of individual choice and actions.

Democracy (option E) does not directly relate to Sartre's concept of freedom either. While democracy can provide a social and political context that supports individual freedoms, Sartre's focus is more on the existential freedom of the individual and their ability to choose and define their own existence.

So, in summary, according to Sartre, the ability to imagine a multitude of future paths and choices (option B) is what makes us uniquely free.