the teacher accendentally reversed the digits if a test scored and shorted a student 36 points. SHe told the students that the sum of tha digits was 14. what was the actual score on the test?

i need two equations

Look at and study my reply to Astrid several posts below this one.

His question was almost the same as yours.

So what would be the two equations? would it be x+y=14 and -x+y=4?

Yes, solve them to get marks of 59 and 95

Ok, thank you so much!

To solve this problem, let's assume the original score of the student is represented by the digits "xy," with x representing the tens digit and y representing the ones digit.

Equation 1: The teacher accidentally reversed the digits, so the new score can be represented by "yx." The new score is 36 points less than the original score, so we can write the equation:
10x + y - (10y + x) = 36

Equation 2: The sum of the digits is 14, so we can write another equation:
x + y = 14

We can now solve these two equations simultaneously to find the values of x and y, which will give us the actual score on the test.