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  1. Ms. Sue was a kind, gentle, and good person that I had the privilege of knowing through this webpage. I have been a tutor for about 12 years on here, and was always impressed by the patient and competent way she helped students.

    You will be missed Reiny

  2. Peter, I found your question interesting and have been messing with it for a while I finally made up a short computer program using a silly old

  3. take a look at this question Am I guilty of overkill or over-thinking this ? Surely there has to be an easier way.

  4. Please settle on one name

  5. re I have a solution, but what a mess. Before I type it all out, let me know if you still need the solution. I certainly don't feel like typing it all out unless you will actually look at it.

  6. have been looking at your post ... interesting question... let the altitude of 12 hit base a let the altitude of 14 hit base b then (1/2)(12)a = (1/2)(14)b 6a = 7b a = 7b/6 let the third side be c and its

  7. I took some time to work out your rather "nasty" Calculus question.

    Take a look at it and see if it matches your expected result.

  8. Several student tonight have asked me how I create the √ symbol

    to create √ symbol on a PC, hold down the Alt key, and at the same time press 251 on the number pad, then release the Alt key on Mac, hold down the Option key, and press V, release the

  9. You now have 6 different posts going for the same "cake question"

    I am not going to keep going back to see which one you replied to. Stay with one posting please. I just notice one way down the list where you did part a) Calculate the area on top of the

  10. Please do not add your new question as a response to somebody else's post.

    click on "Post a New Question" above to post your problem. Here is your question : Math - marie flore joseph, Monday, April 5, 2010 at 10:37pm the difference of the squares of two

  11. Happy Pi Day to all math "nerds"

    Even Google changed their log today.

  12. Even though you mean well, your last three responses have been either incomplete or incorrect.

    The one to is totally off the mark. Please make sure you are familiar with the topic before replying.

  13. You stated on Saturday that you understood my solution as far as part a) and b) were, so let me just recap what we did.

    (I will not repeat the actual question) My Solution: Suppose we label the point of contact P(x,y). I bet P is in the first quadrant. but

  14. "100 bushels of corn are divided among 100 men, women, and children. Men receive 3 bushels each, women 2 bushels and children 1/2 bushel each. How can the bushels be distributed? is there more than one solution? if so, find the other solutions."

    let the

  15. I saw your reply re my late night solution to your pumpkin question I did indeed make two typing errors, which even though they do not change the actual answer, nevertheless would have caused confusion. I will

  16. At 11:37 and at 12:24 you posted the same question

    the earlier one was answered correctly by drwls by accepting your question the way you typed it. my solution is based on the assumption that your denominator was e^(t-7), an invalid assumption.

  17. 3(2+3-2(4-5)2-1)-3(2+4(4-2)-8+3(2-5)+1-2)1-3)+4-5

    rather silly question, and some of it makes no sense eg look at the first part ......-2(4-5)<b>2</b>-1 does this end up -2(-1)(2) ? or did you forget an operator before the last 2? there is a similar

  18. other than factoring out the 9 there is really no simplification that can be made here

    9sqrt6 - 9sqrt2 =9(√6 - √2) can someone help me simplify: 9sqrt6 - 9sqrt2

  19. This is "college" math?

    Anyway... let the smaller number be x, and the larger number be x+8 then x + x+8 < 12 this is easy to solve, let me know what you got. the sum of two numbers is less than 12. The second number is 8 more than the first.what are the

  20. Set it up this way:

    Let the number of students be x let the number of rows be y then the number of students per row is x/y This results in 2 equations from your data: (x/y+1)(y-2) = x and (x/y-1)(y+3 = x Solve these two, gets a bit messy at first but it

  21. These are very easy to set up with a "chart"

    ---------Distance-----Rate---Time (D=RxT) slow way --6x----------x-------6 fast way - 5(x+7)-----x+7------5 so 6x = 5(x+7) 6x=5x+35+ x=35 The speed on the slower trip was 35 mph, and on the return trip 42 mph A

  22. break it down into cases

    at most one day of rain in 3 days to me means we could have: norain norain norain ----> (1/3)^3 = 1/27 rain norain norain -------> 2/3(1/3^2 = 2/27 norain rain norain -------> same as above = 2/27 norain norain rain -------> same as

  23. <Thanks to computers, writing may soon become a lost art.>

    Leo, a similar prediction is often made about arithmetic since the invention of the calculator. in one of Isaac Asimov writings they discover a man who is actually able to perform an operation like

  24. You did not watch your units, you are mixing inches and feet

    Your equation should have been 1/2 = 1/di + 1/120 (I changed 10 feet to 120 in) solve this for di and you get 2.03 inches. Please help me I am so confused I think I am losing my mind. The focal

  25. On an x-y grid, label them N-S, E-W, draw a line from the origin to the right and label it 425 (you are going East)

    From the end of that line draw a vertical line upwards of 40 (you are going North) Use an approximate scale, realizing that 425 is just about

  26. I hope that the diagram I have drawn for myself matches the one in your question.

    I have a triangle with sides 20 and 10 and an angle of 120º between them By the cosine law I found the third side to be 26.4575. You said you found the maginitude, I hope we

  27. I don't know the physics behind Snell's Law, but I can do the math

    Snell's Law says sin(angle of incidence)/sin(angle of reflection) = refractive index since you know the two angles... sin45/sin27 = refractive index =1.5575365 so for an angle of refection

  28. Please take a look at DEVON's trig equation at 9:14

    I must be missing something obvious. If the second had been 3sin 2x it would be a straight forward question. The way it stands I was able to "reduce" it to the equation 8sin^4 x - 8sin^2 x + 3sin x + 2 = 0

  29. how about (5-3)x2 + 8(5-2) ?

    To me these are really just "puzzles" and do not actually require much mathematical ability. The best and often only way is to by 'trial and error'. what is the rule when grouping numbers? example I want the answer to be 28. 5 -

  30. I trust you know about y = mx + b

    Realize that when you are given the x or y intercepts, you are really just given two points, in your case the points (4,0) and (0,-2) So it is easy to find the slope, (-2-0)/(0-4) = 1/2 Take it from there Determine the

  31. Complimentary angles add up to 90º

    So translate the English into Math. if you let the unknown angle be x then "the measure of the compliment of the angle" -----> 90-x "10 degrees less than three times the measure of the angle" ----> 3x - 10 so....... 90-x

  32. according to my interpretation of the question in October they would collect:

    the 10% of the August sales = .10($10,000) the 20% of the Sept sales = .20($20,000) and the 70% of the Oct sales = .70($30,000) Do the arithmetic and add them up A project has an

  33. I assume the poster was trying to type "oblique asymptote"

    from your answer of 3x+2 + 7/(x-1) we can conclude that there is an oblique linear asymptote of y = 3x + 2, and a vertical asymptote at x = 1 for the original function given. how do u find obblique

  34. Is there any way that the postings could be numbered?

    The post below this one by TONY obviously refers to a previous posting of his 8 steps below. I know the URL has a number behind each particular post, and each post can be identified by a title and

  35. let f(m)=m^3 + 3m^2 + 3m + 1

    notice f(-1) = 0, so m+1 is a factor. Using division, the answer is m^2 + 2m + 1 which factors once more to (m+1)(m+1) so you have (m+1)^3 = 0 and then m = -1 Are you familiar with Pascal's triangle? Did you notice the pattern

  36. There is no function equation for the Fibonacci numbers, you have to use a Recursion formula.

    F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2) for n>2 and F(1)=1, F(2)=1 what is the equation for the fibonacci sequence


  1. Algebra 1

    The answers are 1. A 2. D 3. E 4. G


    This site sucks balls

  3. algebra 2

    changing your numbers to fractions .... 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, ... = 1/8, 1/4/, 1/2, 1, it looks like a GS with a = 1/8 and r = 2 so term(8) = ar^7 = (1/8)(2^7) = 16

  4. math


  5. math

    Triangles with an angle greater than 90º are called obtuse, triangles with 3 different angles, thus 3 different sides, are called scalene. Some triangles, such as yours, can be both obtuse and scalene, but a triangle with angles of 120°, 30°, 30° would

  6. maths

    Going with ooblecks idea of finding a common denominator of 8, we get {3/4, 1/8, -1/2, -9/8...} = {6/8, 1/8, -4/8, -9/8...} , which is an arithmetic sequence, with common difference of -5/8 What do you know about convergence and divergence of arithmetic

  7. Economics

    It is totally inappropriate to impersonate a very respected teacher, Ms Sue, who unfortunately passed away last year. We all deeply mourn her loss. You will be banned from this site and your posts should be removed.

  8. History

    Bru I got an 88% I Got the final answers and number 2 is wrong. copy from the rest tho

  9. Math

    Thx he is correct

  10. Algebra 1

    Your Welcome everybody heres the rest C 2. A 3. D 4. B or C 5. D 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. C 10. D? 11. A 12. A 13.A 14. D

  11. Geometric Progression.

    Thank you guys 🥺😇!! I know this was written 3 years ago, and thanks for telling me how good I am at math. This is very very late, but thanks I appreciate it. *Hands out cookies 🍪*

  12. Math

    geeessshhh guys

  13. math

    40 ft : 8 sec = 110 ft : x sec 40/8 = 110/x 40x = 880 x = 880/40 = 22

  14. Math

    Already answered, look back

  15. Math

    I want you to find $50 - cost of 2 tickets - cost of one popcorn - cost of 2 drinks I gave you the steps to do that.

  16. mathematics

    By the cosine law: 7.5^2 = 7^2 + 8^2 - 2(7)(8)cos Q cosQ = .50669... angle Q = 59.556° In any cyclic quad, opposite angles are supplementary, so angle S = 120.444° If Ja, genau die selbe, nur ein wenig verlaengert If SR=SP, then you have an isosceles

  17. Mathematics

    for your AP, 5 - (x-1) = x+2 - 5 solve for x

  18. mathematics

    8x ≥ -2

  19. Statistics


  20. Math

    What is 50 - 2(8.75) - 6.95 - 2(2.5) ??

  21. Math

    What is 12 ÷ 1.5 ??

  22. calculus BC

    Is this in response to some sort of trig equation?

  23. mathematik

    Ja, genau die selbe, nur ein wenig verlaengert d = √(∆x^2 + ∆y^2 + ∆z^2)

  24. Calculus

    s(t)= -16t^2+64t v(t) = -32t + 64 a(t) = -32 a) find v(2) b) clearly a constant for the domain of t c) set v(t) = 0 and solve for t then sub that into s(t) to find the corresponding height

  25. calculus BC

    half-life ----> so I will use 1/2 as the base in my exponential equation half-life is 5830, so I will use t/5830 as my exponent amount = (1/2)^(t/5830) = .5^(t/5830) 20% has decayed ---> I have 80% or .8 left .8 = .5^(t/5830) take log of both sides and use

  26. Math

    Argggh,, I did minutes per page, go with oobleck

  27. Math

    5/6 pages in 2/3 minutes ----> 1 page in (2/3) ÷ (5/6) minutes = (2/3)(6/5) minutes = 4/5 minutes or 5/6 pages in 2/3 minutes = 5 pages in (2/3)(6) or 4 minutes = 1 page in 4/5 minutes or 1/(5/6) = x/(2/3) (5/6)x = 2/3 x = (2/3)(6/5) = 12/15 = 4/5

  28. Algebra

    a^2 - 2ax + a^2 = (x - a)^2 so x^3 + 3px + q = (x-a)(x-a)(x-k) the last term of (x-a)(x-a)(x-k) is -ka^2, so -ka^2 = q ----> k = -q/a^2 and x^3 + 3px + q = (x-a)(x-a)(x+q/a^2) = (x+q/a^2)(x^2 - 2ax + a^2) = x^3 - 2ax^2 + a^2 x + (q/a^2)x^2 - (2q/a)x + q =

  29. math

    so in c = g + 14, you are given the value of c to be 20 , but g is still unknown, so ... 20 = g + 14 you want g all by itself in your equation, so let's get rid of the +14 by doing the invers, that is, let's subtract 14 from both sides 20 - 14 = g + 14 -

  30. maths

    Translate your data into ordered pairs in the form (time, temperature) : (2,19), (6,27), (10,35), (14,43) taking the slope between consecutive points shows that it is a constant 2, so the relation is linear and can be expressed in the form y = mx + b or


    NUMBER HAS 5 TEN THOUSANDS ---- 5X,XXX 2 MORE THOUSANDS THAN TEN THOUSANDS --- 57,XXX NO HUNDREDS ---- 57,0XX 1FEWER TENS THAN TEN THOUSANDS ---- 57,04X 3 MORE ONES THAN TENS ---- 57,047 Now what was so difficult to just follow the English description?

  32. Algebra

    the product of four and a number x ----> 4x now what is 6 less than that?

  33. Math

    Since you claim that the depreciation is linear, (not realistic), let's express the given data as ordered pairs in the form (years, value), that is, (0,140050) and (25,12550) slope = (12550-140050)/(25-0) = -5100 and since the point (0,140050) behaves like

  34. algebra

    Looks to be that oobleck showed you HOW to do it just fine.

  35. MATH

    amount of the pizza left over as a fraction = 1 - 1/4 -2/3 = ...

  36. Math

    Your question makes no sense. Did you mean: By what number must (√2)(x√x)(4√(10x)) be multiplied to make it rational ? (√2)(x√x)(4√(10x)) = 4√20 x^2 = 8√5 x^2 If I multiply this by √5, I get 40x^2 Let me know if that was not your

  37. mathematics

    For a sequence to be arithmetic the difference between consecutive terms must be the same ... 7-4 = 3 9-7 = 2 12-9 = 3 , mmmhhhh?

  38. Math

    Your post makes no sense, but let me take a stab at what you are trying to say and conjure this .... " A spider has eight legs and an ant has six legs. There are a group of spiders and a group of ants. The groups have equal numbers of legs. What is the

  39. precalculus

    From Damon's 3 x y - 5 x = y + 4 3xy - y = 4 + 5x y(3x - 1) = 4+5x y = (5x + 4)/(3x - 1)

  40. Math

    On a number line, make marks of 1/2 units apart. Place 1/9 on your number line, which of of marks is closest to 1/9 ?

  41. Math

    Your correct choice should have looked like this 25 ≤ x ≤ 30

  42. Pre- calc

    So you want to go the other way around 360-250 = 110 so the coterminal angle with 265° is -110°

  43. algebra

    No such property, the statement is false

  44. mathematics

    area of trap = (1/2)(sum of parallel sides)(d), where d is the distance between them 2 = (1/2)(6+8)(d) d = 2*2/14 = 2/7 cm

  45. Math

    For "greater than or equal to" you need ≥ so.... x < –3 or x ≥ 5 Btw, Ms Sue is no longer with us, unfortunately she passed away late last year. We all miss her

  46. mathematics

    False, all I need is one counter-example let n = 11 then n^2 + n + 11 = 11^2 + 11 + 11 = 11(11 + 1 + 1) = 11(13)

  47. math

    2x + 6/3 = 20 "quotient of six and three" , isn't that just 2 ????