I need help with this.. it's for my midterm review. My midterm is next week. I would appreciate the help.

Determine two coterminal angles (one positive and one negative) for each angle. The answer must be in degrees.

a) 36 degrees
b) -120 degrees
c) 300 degrees
d) -420 degrees

adding or subtracting multiples of 360º to any angle will result in the rotating arm ending in the same position, thus giving you "coterminal" angles

so 36º + 360º = 396º
36 - 360 = -324

so that to each of your angles.
(for -420 you will have to add 720 to obtain a positive result)

Thx! I really do understand it now. What if they give me like pi/9.... How do i find two coterminal angles (one positive and one negative) in RADIANS.

360 degrees is 2 pi radians so adding or subtracting 2 pi (or a multiple of 2 pi) to an angle in radians brings you to the same place.

-120 degree

480 degre

how do i get a coterminal angle from something like pi/6 ????????


I need help on coterminals, I have NO! idea on how to do it

so I have the conterminal angle of 111 degree. So do I add and subtract with 360 degree or 180 degree?

lol this was one of my final questions for trig/precal