What the heck does "The law of divine love is the cause of one’s spiritual life" mean in simple English?

What it means is that the giving of agape love (look up agape in the dictionary), is followed by a outpouring of spiritual thought and actions.

I am not certain it is true for Satanists.

The "law of divine love" as I understand it is "to love one another as I (God) have loved you". ...in brief to love ones fellow human beings. That is the purpose of how one lives in the "spirit" of God. Others may see this quote in a different way.

"The law of divine love is the cause of one's spiritual life" means that love guided by a higher power or divine force is the reason why someone experiences spiritual growth and fulfillment. To understand this statement in simple English, we can break it down into two parts:

1. Law of divine love: This refers to a principle or rule that governs the way love operates in connection with a higher power or divine force. It suggests that there is a particular way in which love can manifest when guided by something greater than ourselves.

2. Cause of one's spiritual life: This means that the law of divine love is what brings about or creates a person's spiritual existence or journey. It implies that when someone aligns their love and actions with the principles of this divine love, it leads to a richer and more meaningful spiritual life.

In summary, the statement suggests that when individuals incorporate divine love into their lives, they experience spiritual growth and fulfillment.