Hi. What would be a good catch phrase or slogan for the Mountain(radical group of Jacobin) against Louis XVI during his trial

Judging by what I was able to learn at this website, in the part dealing with the sans-culottes,

http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/REV/RADICAL.HTM ,

I would say that "Off with his head" (or their heads) would be an appropriate slogan expressing their views.

To come up with a good catch phrase or slogan for the Mountain, a radical group of Jacobins during Louis XVI's trial, you can draw inspiration from their core values and objectives. The Mountain was known for championing the interests of the lower classes, advocating for the republic, and pushing for the execution of Louis XVI. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a catchy catch phrase:

1. Identify the core values of the Mountain: Consider their commitment to representing the common people, their ideas of republicanism, and their call for decisive action against the monarchy.

2. Highlight their views on Louis XVI: Given that the primary objective of the Mountain during Louis XVI's trial was his execution, center your catch phrase around this notion.

3. Use impactful language: Select words that will capture attention and resonate with the desired audience. Consider strong verbs and emotionally charged adjectives.

4. Consider rhymes or alliteration: Such linguistic devices can make your catch phrase more memorable and catchy.

Based on these guidelines, here are a few examples of potential catch phrases for the Mountain against Louis XVI during his trial:

1. "For the people, not the crown! Louis must go down!"
2. "Liberty prevails, tyranny fails! Off with the King, the Mountain never veils!"
3. "Radical hearts, justice impounds! Louis on trial, the Mountain resounds!"
4. "Sovereignty lies in the Republic's might! Louis on trial, we fight for what's right!"

Remember, these suggestions are just starting points. Feel free to modify or combine elements to create a catch phrase that aligns with the values and aims of the Mountain during Louis XVI's trial.