how do jupiter's moons stay in orbit around jupiter

They rotate around jupiter. If you rotate around an object you are accelerating toward it, even though the distance can stay the same. This so-called centripetal acceleration multiplied by the mass must equal the gravitational force on the moon by Newton's second law.

well, moons just stay in an orbit. if they stray off they will turn into asteroids and either go towards another planet or they would plunge right towards the earth.

because of gravity

I do not know

the stay in orbit because of the gravitational pull from Jupiter!

help me one answer please

how do the moons stay in orbit aorund Jupiter?

They rotate around Jupiter.If you rotate around an object your ecelerating towards it even though the distance will stay the same

cos of gravity

Gravity hooks the moons in place so they stay in orbit round Jupiter.

because lighter objects orbit heavier ones it is a well known fact of gravity

i dunno...i fink mizoseq siobphrga's answer is right