what is historical context ?

how do I Identify and describe details that develop the historical context of a story?

Hi Robert,

'Historical Context' basically means, at what period in history the story is taking place. To identify and describe details that develop the historical context, you must identify objects, events, characters, etc. that tell you what time period in history everything is taking place.

For example, there is another post on here from someone who has written an essay on the 'Space Race' in the 1960's. If you were reading a story, and the characters were discussing the current 'Space Race', that would be a hint that the historical context of the story is the 1960's. Further, if they were sitting in a diner in New York discussing the Space Race, you could say the historical context is America in the 1960's.

I hope this helps!

To identify and describe details that develop the historical context of a story, you can follow these steps:

1. Research the setting: Find out the time and place where the story is set. This information can often be found in the introduction or opening paragraphs.

2. Look for specific historical events: Identify any events, such as wars, political movements, or cultural shifts, that are mentioned or play a significant role in the story. These events can give you clues about the historical context.

3. Pay attention to cultural references: Look for details that reflect the attitudes, beliefs, and customs of the time period. This could include references to fashion, music, technology, language, or social norms.

4. Analyze the characters: Examine the traits, behaviors, and experiences of the characters to understand how they are shaped by the historical context. For example, their occupations, relationships, or reactions to certain situations can provide insights into the time period.

5. Consider the author's purpose: Think about why the author chose to set the story in a particular time period. This can help you understand the author's intention and how the historical context contributes to the overall message or theme of the story.

By following these steps, you can identify and describe the details in a story that develop its historical context. Remember to gather evidence from the text and conduct research as needed to support your analysis.