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  1. Any number in the form of a+-bi , where a and b are real numbers and b not equal 0 is considered a pure imaginary number. TRUE OR FALSE

    The minimum value is the smallest y-value of a function. T RUE OR FALSE i2 = square root of -1. TRUE OR FALSE Complex

  2. 15. What is the solution of the linear-quadratic system of equations?

    {y = x^2 + 5x - 3} {y - x = 2}

  3. Can you double check my answer

    The lengths of the sides of a rectangular window have the ratio 1.6 to 1. The area of the window is 2,560 square inches. What are the dimensions of the window? (1 point) 50.6 inches by 50.6 inches 40 inches by 64 inches 40

  4. The function f given by f(x) = x^3 + 12x – 24 is?

    Increasing for all x's? Cause that's what I think..

  5. A conical pendulum is formed by attaching a 50 g mass to a 1.2m string. The mass swings around a circle of radius 25cm. A claculate the speed of the mass. B Calculate the acceleration of the mass. C calculate the tension in the string

  6. Is ClO2>- a Bronsted acid, base, or both?

  7. Is this factorization a prime factorization? 2^2 x 3 x 5^4 x 8 x 11^2

  8. 59.0 mL of a 1.80 M solution is diluted to a total volume of 268 mL. A 134-mL portion of that solution is diluted by adding 171 mL of water. What is the final concentration? Assume the volumes are additive.

  9. The results of a medical test show that of 66 people selected at random who were given the test, 3 tested positive and 63 tested negative. Determine the odds in favor of a person selected at random testing positive on the test.

  10. "The graph shows types of trash in a typical American city. Find the measure of each central angle to the nearest whole number." (I do not want all the answers, I just want to know HOW to get them so I will only post the first three problems that

  11. Estimate each sum and difference.

    3 1/4 + 2 5/6 5 6/9 - 1 3/4 5 5/13 + 8 3/5 11 - 6 3/7 + 2 2/5

  12. 1) The following passage is an example of which literary element?

    "Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart." a)paradox b)magical realism c)metaphor d)hyperbole*

  13. This very southern city in Africa is in an area of moderate rainfall

  14. If Brad invests $2700 in an account paying 11% compounded quarterly. How much is in the account after 6 months?

  15. Roberto wants to reduce a drawing that's is 12 inches long by 9 inches wide.if his new drawing is 8 inches long. How wide will it be

  16. Supposed you stoppered the flasks after your titration to determine the equilibrium constant and kept the solutions for another day so that the equilibrium was re-established. What would happen to the amount of ethanol present? What would be the

  17. the ? describes the steps you use during an experiment?

  18. Given that the graph of f passes through the point (1, -4) and that the slope of its tangent line at (x,f(x)) is 2x+1, find f(-1) (graph is hypothetical).

  19. A block cedar has a mass of 200 kg and density of 570 what fraction of the wood will be surface of block is floating in water

  20. measure of angle A and measure of angle B are complementary. measure of angle A = 3x + 12 and measure of angle B = 2x - 22.

    Find the measure of each angle.

  21. An element has three stable isotopes. One has a mass number of 63 and an abundance of 50%. The second has a mass number of 65 and an abundance of 30%. The third has a mass number of 67 and an abundance of 20%. Calculate the relative atomic mass of this

  22. If a ball dropped from the top of a 400 ft building to hit the ground, how long would it take in seconds?

  23. If 3000ft/3 of air crossing an evaporator coil and is cooled from 75F to 55F, what would be the volume of air,in ft/3, exiting the evaporator coil?

  24. The two waiters exchanged a look whose meaning was clear to me.

    what type of clause or phase is used?

  25. He will not allow the table to be moved.

    identify the Verbal in the sentence and type of verbal

  26. 3. A processor makes two components, A and B, which are then packaged together as the final product (each product sold contains one A and one B). The processor can do only one component at a time: either it can make As or it can make Bs. There is a setup

  27. My son informed me that a comic book I purchased for 10 cents in 1948 is worth $55 today. What has been the average annual compound rate of return on that valuable asset?

  28. What does it mean for a computing system to have an interface

  29. Which statement explains how the charges on objects determine the electric force between them?

  30. I have $ $100.00 and need to buy 100 animals exactly. Also need to buy at least one each. Cows are $10.00. Pigs are $3.00 and chickens are $.50

  31. I have100.00 and have to buy 100 animals exactly. I also need to buy one each. Cows are $100.00 pigs are $10.00 and chickens are $.50

  32. -

  33. While cleaning a toilet, 150 mL of disinfectant solution is poured into a toilet containing 750 mL of water. If the initial concentration of the disinfectant was 3.40 mol/L, determine the new concentration of the solution.

  34. 30.0 g of NaCl(s) is added to water to make 800 mL of salt solution.

    a. Determine the number of moles in 30.0 g of NaCl(s). b. Calculate the molar concentration of this salt solution.

  35. Classify each substance as being either a molecular compound or an ionic compound. Determine whether it will dissolve in water and whether it is classified as an electrolyte or a non-electrolyte.

    1. CH4(g) 2. Li2O(s) 3. AlCl3(s)

  36. What were the major decisions and compromises made at the Constitutional Convention?

  37. Rebecca has 20 table tennis balls and 16 table tennis paddles. She wants to sell packages of balls and

    paddles bundled together. What is the greatest number of packages she can sell (with no leftover balls or paddles and one ball per paddle)?

  38. If Mary inspects every sixth calculator and Nancy inspects every fifth calculator, which calculator will

    be the first that they both inspect?

  39. Eggs come in packages of 12 and English muffins come in packages of 10. What is the least number of

    packages of each that can be bought to be able to make egg sandwiches with no muffins or eggs left over?

  40. Donna has 5 packs of candies. Each pack has 52 candies, and each

    pack has different candy flavor. The flavors of candies in the different packs are strawberry, caramel, chocolate, cherry, and coffee. Eighteen of Donna’s friends came, and she gave each of

  41. A ball is thrown in the -y direction off of a cliff with a velocity of 7m/s. If the ball takes 1.45s to reach the ground, how high off of the ground is the cliff?

  42. Centripetal force is a fictitious force.

    True False ik that centrifugal is fictitious, is it the same?

  43. An object is pushed horizontally at constant velocity. What is true about the forces on the object?

    a) The force or forces acting forward are greater than the force or forces acting backward. b) The sum of all forces is directed forward. c) The forces

  44. a computer password is required to be 9 characters long. how many passwords are possible if the password requires 3 letters followed by 6 digits 0-9 where no repetition of any letters or numbers are allowed

  45. Calculate the volume of a cylindrical steel bar which is 8cm long and 3.5 can in diameter

  46. The Kingdom of Benin ____.

    1: Gained much wealth from its trading city of Tombouctou 2: Was called the “land of gold” by many Arab writers 3: Lost control of its trade routes to the kingdom of Mali 4: Gained its wealth from trading ivory, palm oil, and

  47. Tarzan, an 85 Kg jungle brute, was running along a branch at a speed of 7.5 m/s 15 m above a level jungle floor. He grabs a 17 m vine and swings up to the maximum height where he grabbed a 25 m vine hanging at a 45o angle and swung on. At the bottom of the

  48. A biologist wants to know the width w of a river so that instruments for studying the pollutants in the water can be set properly. From point A, the biologist walks downstream 100 feet and sights to point C. From the sighting, it is determined that theta =

  49. A model is made of a car.The car is 9 feet long and the model is 6 inches long.what is the ratio of the length of the car to the length of the model?

  50. Use the matrix method to solve

    5x+3y=35 3x-4y=-8

  51. Gabriel is making a mixture of compost and soil to use for a special plant. He wants his final mix to be 2 parts compost to 10 parts potting soil. He wants to end up with 12 kilograms of mix.

  52. Use a linear approximation for sin to find an approximation (this will not be linear) to the function sin(𝑥^3) near 𝑥=0 .

  53. The amount of money in an account may increase due to rising stock prices and decrease due to falling stock prices. Nathan is studying the change in the amount of money in two accounts, A and B, over time.

    The amount f(x), in dollars, in account A after x

  54. Find any intervals where the function f(x)=−(5x+5sin(x)),0≤x≤2π is increasing/decreasing.

  55. Calculate the percentage increase in length of a wire of diameter 2.2 mm stretched by a load of 100 kg.Young's modulus of wire is 12.5 × 10^10 N/m^2

  56. A cube made ouk and side 15cm floats in water with 10.5cm of it's depth below the surfaces and with it's side's vertical what is density of oak

  57. A space vehicle travelling at a velocity of 6000km/h separates into two parts of mass 1200 kg and 300 kg. The two parts continue moving in the same direction with the lighter section moving at 6200km/h. Making use of the principle of conservation of

  58. A racing car of mass 850 kg accelerates from 20 km/h to 160 km/h over a distance of 300 metres. Frictional forces and wind resistance can be assumed to be 800N.

    Determine the following: (i)The average acceleration (ii)The time taken to accelerate from 20

  59. How do you take the limit of a composite piecewise function f(f(x))?

    Only the graph is given. lim f(f(x)) x->2 I figured the way to do it was to find the lim f(x) = C then find lim f(x). x->2 x-> C The simple questions on Khan academy's "Limits of composite

  60. A helicopter drops a box of supplies after a disaster. The function represents the height y (in feet) of the box t seconds after it is dropped. After how many seconds does the box hit the ground?


  61. Matter is in a liquid state when its temperature is between its melting point and its boiling point. Suppose that some substance has a melting point of negative 46.81 degrees and a boiling point of 357.63 degrees . What is the range of temperatures in

  62. An architect make a model of a building with a volume of 1440 cubic centimeters? The length of the model is 15 centimeters and the width is 12 centimeters. How many centimeters tall is the model

  63. -6 greater equal to 13 + 5 which of these values of X makes the inequality true

    -3.9 -1.2 3/13 -7/15 Please help explain answer

  64. -6 greater equal to 13 + 5 which of these values of X makes the inequality true

  65. What number less 6% equals 610,000

  66. What inventions were made because of the telegraph?

  67. I need help with lesson 12 unit 2 for seventh grade there is a unit test called Eastern Europe and Russia and unit test

    7. Many words offer clues to media bias. Which word below would mostly likely signal bias. A. Was B. Did C. Should D. Might

  68. Procedure:

    1) Accurately weigh approximately 0.40 g of Dimethyl maleate into a 50 mL round bottom flask that possesses a ground glass joint, and record the weight. 2) Dissolve the Dimethyl maleate in 10 mL of methanol, and add approximately 5 drops of

  69. Procedure:

    1) Accurately weigh approximately 0.40 g of Dimethyl maleate into a 50 mL round bottom flask that possesses a ground glass joint, and record the weight. 2) Dissolve the Dimethyl maleate in 10 mL of methanol, and add approximately 5 drops of 10%

  70. Elasticity

    a) Find the elasticity of the demand function q + 2p = 5000 when p = $1000, and q = 3000. b) How would revenue be affected by a price increase?

  71. Q1:(a) Make a relative frequency table of the data. Enter your answers to three decimal places.

    Cell Phone Owned Relative Frequency Android smartphone iPhone smartphone Blackberry smartphone Cell phone not smartphone No cell phone Total (b) Round your

  72. Huck Finn walks at a speed of 0.60 m/s across his raft (that is, he walks perpendicular to the raft’s motion relative to the shore). The raft is traveling down the Mississippi River at a speed of 2.20 m/s relative to the river bank. What is Huck’s

  73. A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff 145m above ground level with an initial speed of 65.0 m/s at an angle of 37.0° with the horizontal. How far did the shot go horizontally?

  74. Your gun is perfectly level with a monkey at a distance of 55 m. Your bullet is shot perfectly horizontal at a speed of v_0=38 m⁄s at the exact moment the monkey lets go of the branch. How far does the monkey fall before the bullet hits it?

  75. During your trip in question 10, you encounter some construction. In 25 seconds, you have to slow from 70 mph to 55 mph. What is your acceleration in mph/s?

  76. After today’s test, you are going to meet some friends at Disney World. The total distance to Disney World is 68 miles. If you make it there in 72 minutes, what is your average velocity in miles per hour?

  77. Assume you have a canon aimed straight up. The cannonball is shot at a velocity

    of v_0=69 m/s. How high does the cannonball go? How much time does it take the cannonball to reach that height?

  78. i need ratios of 5/6

  79. An 8.5 centimeter green bean pod contains peas that average 0.45 centimeter in diameter. How many peas are in the pod

  80. A chemist needs 22 liters of a 14% acid solution. He has a 10​% solution and a 20% solution available to form the mixture. How much of each should be used to form the 14​% ​solution?

    I'm having a really hard time forming an equation for this. I've

  81. why is protein folding important to enzyme activity?

  82. The Vector v has a length of 15 and points at an angle of 30 degrees. The Vector u has a length of 17 and points at an angle of 55 degrees. What is u*v?

    I know to get my answer I need to use this format |u|*|v|*cos(theta) however I am stuck at setting up my

  83. Suppose that A and B are independent events such thatP(A)=.50 andP(B)=.30 .

    Find and P(A U B) and P(A upside down U B) .

  84. Bert gave me 1/2 of the candy bar then I gave 1/2 of what I have to my sister

    What fraction of the whole candy bar did my little sister get and what percent did she get

  85. Please could you help me with a good attention getter for a presentation on how interviews were done

  86. If the heat of combustion for a specific compound is -1250.0 kJ/mol and its molar mass is 35.39 g/mol, how many grams of this compound must you burn to release 352.40 kJ of heat?

  87. Gina has 4 red ribbons, 6 times as many blue ribbons as green ribbons, and 1/4 as many green ribbons as red ribbons. How many ribbons does she have in all?

  88. Two metallic spheres of mass .001 kg hang from a point by .3 m strings. Each is given the same amount and sign of charge. After equilibrium is reached, they each make an angle of 20 degrees relative to the vertical. Determine the amount of charge in each

  89. What is the mass which causes a spring of k = 100 N/m to stretch by 10 cm?

  90. What point on the unit circle corresponds to -5pi/4?

    A. (-Root2/2, Root2/2) B.(-Root3/2, 1/3 C.(-1/2, Root3/2) D.(0,1) D?

  91. a boy runs 18.4 miles in 4.5 hours, how many miles can he run in 1 hour?

  92. Your program has a research and development project scheduled to start in January 2014 which is expected to take 40 months to complete. The project is expected to cost a total of $150 million (then-year dollars), with cost expected to be incurred as

  93. The Japanese yen corresponds to the american dollar. If the exchange rate is 150 Yen for 1 Dollar, then A japanese car sold in america for $10,000 will bring in 1,500,000 yen. If the exchange rate changes to 120 yen for each dollar, then what price in

  94. Matt and Jena, working together, can clean the house in 9 hours. Working alone, Jena takes three times as long as Matt. How long does it take Matt to clean the house.

  95. When ending a letter to a high gov't official with the phrase 'Respectfully Submitted', are both words capitalized, or just the first?

  96. A 5.86 kg block initially at rest is pulled to the

    right along a horizontal surface by a constant, horizontal force of 14.4 N. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.14. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . Find the speed of the block after it has

  97. jeff rode bike 5 times as many miles as Vin. together they rode 18 miles. how many miles did each boy ride

  98. single titration was performed which required 11.82 ml of .1 M Na2S2O3

    the density of the original undiluted bleach unknown was 1.04 g/ml calculate the number of moles of ClO- in the sample titrated ClO- + 2I- + 2H+ === I2 + Cl- + H20 I2 + 2S2O2/3- === 2I-

  99. How Does Empathy Positively Affect Education?

  100. Are my answers correct?

    Calculate the molarity: a) 0.500 mol of NaOH in 2.45 L of solution. b) 24.1 g of NaCl in 853 mL of solution. a: 0.2 M b: 0.49 M


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