What does the term 'craft technique' mean? Example:"What is one author's craft technique found in this text that makes the writing lively?'

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What is a story with one or more level of meanings?

i need help on learning about point of veiw like narrator, 1st person,2nd,and 3rd thanks ~adina~

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what dose it mean

Isaiah I told you what craft technique' mean


The term "craft technique" refers to the specific methods and skills that an author uses in their writing to create a particular effect or style. It can include things like the use of vivid imagery, word choice, sentence structure, dialogue, pacing, and the overall organization of the text.

In the given example, the question is asking about a specific craft technique used by an author to make the writing lively. To identify such a technique, you would need to closely analyze and engage with the text. Look for elements that contribute to the liveliness of the writing, such as the use of descriptive language or vibrant metaphors, lively dialogue that captures the characters' personalities, or an engaging narrative style that keeps the reader hooked.

To answer this question, you would focus on identifying and discussing the specific craft technique used by the author in the text that brings life to the writing. Make sure to support your answer with evidence from the text itself, pointing to specific examples that demonstrate the technique being used.