When you say something like, "the shark had a long narrow slit in the eye," in what context is the word slit used. Does it mean evil?

What does the term 'craft technique' mean? Example:"What is one author's craft technique found in this text that makes the writing lively?'

"The shark had a long narrow slit in the eye."

the - article
shark - noun, subject
had - verb
a - article
long - adjective
narrow - adjective
slit - noun, direct object
in - preposition
the - article
eye - noun, object of preposition

It simply means a long narrow opening, a space for the light to enter the eye so the shark's brain can interpret what it sees.

No evil involved.

The word "craft" seems to be referring to the art that the author is creating. The "technique" refers to the ways in which he/she creates the artistic piece of writing.


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9 months ago

To determine the author's craft technique that makes the writing lively, you would need to analyze the text closely. Look for specific elements or strategies that the author employs to engage the reader and bring the writing to life. This could include the use of descriptive language, sensory details, figurative language, dialogue, or other literary devices.

Examine how the author creates vivid images, evokes emotions, develops characters, or sets the tone and mood. Additionally, consider the author's use of sentence structure, pacing, and word choice, as these elements can also contribute to the liveliness of the writing.

By carefully studying the text and identifying these craft techniques, you will be able to understand how the author makes the writing lively and captivating for the reader.