In class we were asked to provide an one example of classical and operant conditioning. We have to identify the stimulus, response and reinforcers in each example.

here are my examples:

Clasical Conditioning- My cat comes running everytime she hears the can opener.

Operant Conditoning-My daughter is given chores to do during the week. If she completes them then she receives a reward.

Can you help me identify the stimulus, reponse and reinforcers? Thanks

What do you think the stimulus, response, and enforcers are in these examples? We'll be glad to comment after we see your ideas.

Will you please check my work now to see if I am right?

In example 1:
Reinforcer-Sound of the can opener

In example 2:
Response-completes her chores

Sure! Let's go through your answers for each example:

Example 1 - Classical Conditioning:
Stimulus: Sound of the can opener
Response: Running of the cat
Reinforcer: Food

Your answer is correct. In this example, the sound of the can opener (stimulus) is paired with the presentation of food (reinforcer) enough times that it becomes associated with the food. Eventually, the cat learns to associate the sound of the can opener with food and runs (response) to be fed.

Example 2 - Operant Conditioning:
Stimulus: the request to complete chores
Response: completing the chores
Reinforcer: reward/receiving something desirable (money, for example)

Your answer is also correct. In this example, the request to complete chores (stimulus) is followed by the completion of those chores (response) which is then reinforced with a reward, such as money or something else desirable (reinforcer).

Great job with identifying the stimulus, response, and reinforcers in each example!