Cameron is trying to figure out how to
win Courtney's affection. He remembers
that his previous girlfriend used to love when he gave her a massage.
Cameron is using the heuristic strategy
of which of the following:

1.divergent thinking
2.working backward
3.breaking a problem down into a smaller
4.searching for analogies


I'm not a psychologist--not even a poor one; however, I don't think divergent thinking fits (what is Cameron diverging from?), working backward doesnt fit (he seems to be working forward to me), and breaking a problem down into a smaller problem doesn't fit. Therefore, by the process of elimination, I choose 4 (and to me that fits because he knows what pleased his previous girl friend and thinks this strategy may work on the current girl friend). Don't trust my answer; PsyDAG will be along later to give you a professional opinion.

Cameron better be careful with trying moves that seemed to work then ended in failure. Taking the analogy one step further, he might realize that this girl will eventually dump him also because of his shallowness and failure to appreciate her whole self. Poor Cameron, probably will end up a frustrated and neurotic psychologist, looking for the holy grail through analogies, when in fact, he should have tried divergence and Gestalt realization. Such is life.

Since heuristic strategy is based on decision making based on the results of previous experiences, I would agree that 4 is probably the correct answer

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
9 months ago

To figure out the appropriate example for the situation, we can analyze the given options and consider Cameron's behavior.

1. Divergent thinking: Divergent thinking refers to the ability to come up with many different ideas or solutions to a problem. In this case, Cameron is not trying to generate multiple ideas or solutions. Therefore, this option does not seem to fit the situation.

2. Working backward: Working backward involves starting at the end goal and figuring out the steps needed to reach that goal. Cameron's behavior does not align with this strategy as he is not starting from Courtney's affection and working backward to figure out the steps to win her over.

3. Breaking a problem down into smaller problems: This strategy involves breaking down a complex problem into smaller, more manageable parts. Although Cameron may need to analyze and understand Courtney's preferences, it does not suggest breaking down the problem into smaller ones. So, this option is unlikely to be the correct one.

4. Searching for analogies: Analogies involve finding similarities between different situations or problems and using those similarities to solve the current problem. In this case, Cameron is using the analogy that what pleased his previous girlfriend might work on Courtney as well. This aligns with the behavior described in the scenario. Therefore, this option seems to be the most appropriate one.

Considering the analysis, option 4, searching for analogies, appears to be the best fit for Cameron's behavior in trying to win Courtney's affection.