What a vibrating object dose to the air particles around it?

It makes them move...creating pressure waves that propagte through the air, which we detect as sound if it is in the "sound" frequency wave

Sound is created by vibrating objects, such as speakers, instruments, or vocal cords, that cause air particles to move back and forth. These vibrating objects create compression and rarefaction zones in the surrounding air.

When an object vibrates forward, it compresses the surrounding air particles, causing them to move closer together. This creates a region of higher air pressure called a compression. Conversely, when the object moves backward, it creates a region of lower air pressure called a rarefaction, where the air particles are more spread out.

As the object continues to vibrate, these compression and rarefaction zones propagate through the air in the form of pressure waves. These pressure waves travel through the air and eventually reach our ears. When the pressure waves reach our ears, they cause our eardrums to vibrate, which is then converted into electrical signals that our brain interprets as sound.