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what is the belief in many gods

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Is it possible these answers are in your textbook?

Also, you could try just typing in a word or short phrase into the search box at I typed in belief in many gods and got the Wikipedia link Ms. Sue gave you above.

Learning to use a good search engine can save you lots of time.


Yes, the belief in many gods is known as polytheism. You can find this information on the Wikipedia page you provided, which is a great resource for obtaining knowledge about various topics. To find this answer, you could either look for the term "polytheism" directly on the page or use the search function of the page to search for keywords like "belief in many gods". Additionally, as suggested, you can use a search engine like Google to quickly find information on any topic by entering relevant keywords into the search box. Developing your search skills will help you find answers to questions efficiently and learn new things more effectively.

The belief in many gods is known as polytheism. It is a religious belief or doctrine where multiple deities are worshipped or venerated.