does anyone know anyting about standard deviation...

I have no idea what it is!

Standard deviation is a statistical measure that tells you how spread out the values in a dataset are. In other words, it quantifies the amount of variation or dispersion in the dataset.

To understand standard deviation, let's break it down into steps:

Step 1: Calculate the mean (average) of the dataset.

Step 2: Find the difference between each data point and the mean.

Step 3: Square each difference.

Step 4: Calculate the average of the squared differences.

Step 5: Take the square root of the average from step 4.

The result is the standard deviation. It gives you an idea of how closely the data points in the dataset cluster around the mean.

If you need more detailed information, I would recommend visiting the Wikipedia page on standard deviation ( or checking out a tutorial like the one at

Hope that helps!