1. book shop / bookshop

2. book store / bookstore

Are both grammatical in each number?

I found that in the dictionary here, it is bookshop and bookstore.

bookshop and bookstore are both correct.

Thank you.
What about book shop or book store?Each is composed of two word.

Referring to a particular shop... the words are combined in normal usage. Joseph Beth is a bookstore or bookshop. I can't recall them being used separately.

Both "book shop" and "book store" are also grammatically correct. However, it's worth noting that "bookshop" and "bookstore" are more commonly used as a single word in contemporary English.

When referring to a particular shop, it is typical to use the compound words "bookshop" or "bookstore" to describe a store that specializes in selling books. This is the most common and natural way to refer to such a store.

For example, you could say "I'm going to the bookshop/bookstore to buy a new novel." In this context, using the compound word conveys the specific meaning of a shop that exclusively sells books.

On the other hand, if you were to use "book shop" or "book store," it would still be grammatically correct, but it might imply a more generic shop that happens to sell books among other items.