Unit 4 Final Exam Lesson 1 Health, Fitness and Nutrition B Final Exam. (32 Questions) Please check my answers.

1. What factor(s) can influence obesity?
A. Genetics
B. Hormones
C. Environment
D. All of the above ****

2. What are the risks of obesity? Choose all that apply.
A. Breathing problems***
B. High energy level***
C. Diabetes
D. Heart disease ***

3. Which nutrients provide energy for the human body? Choose all that apply.
A. Carbohydrates
B. Fat
C. Vitamins****
D. Iron*****

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1. All of the above
2. Breathing problems, diabetes, heart disease
3. carbohydrates, fat
4. unsaturated fats
5. all of the above
6. all snaking is bad for weight loss
7. osteoporosis
8. Anorexia nervosa
9. bulimia...
10. stress
11. personalities
12. true
13. muscle strains
14. RICE
15. Pain is your body's way...
16. CPR can save a life...
17. psychological therapy, cardiac, massage
18. plantar
19. fitness
20. True
21. estrogen
22. testosterone
23. sperm cells
24. 9 months
25. all of the above
26. labor
27. trust, love, empathy
28. commitment
29. abstinence
30. STDs
31. abstinence
32. Report

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where is the rest of the questions?

all of em r goood but number 17 is physical therapy and noy phycholigical

number 17 was cardiac and massage and physical

I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. Yes, the correct answer for number 17 is cardiac therapy and massage. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

1. Correct answer: D. All of the above.

To determine the correct answer, you need to consider what factors can contribute to obesity. Factors such as genetics, hormones, and environment can all play a role in influencing obesity. You can determine this by considering each option and assessing if it is a potential factor. In this case, options A, B, and C all seem plausible, so the correct answer is D, all of the above.

2. Correct answers: A. Breathing problems, D. Heart disease.
To determine the correct answers, you need to consider the risks associated with obesity. Breathing problems and heart disease are commonly linked to obesity, while options B (High energy level) and C (Diabetes) are not. Therefore, the correct answers are A and D.

3. Incorrect answers: C. Vitamins, D. Iron.
To determine the correct answers, you need to understand which nutrients provide energy for the human body. Carbohydrates and fats are the primary sources of energy, while vitamins and iron provide other important functions in the body but do not directly provide energy. Therefore, the correct answers are A and B.