I’m taking the grade 9 unit 7 lesson one art and world cultures final exam right now. I’ll post the answers when I’m done so hopefully it helps someone!!

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1. Ka is the Egyptian word that means what? (1 point)


2. What color background was common in Byzantine paintings? (1 point)

3. Gothic style began in which country? (1 point)

4. Some of the earliest Christian art has been found where? (1 point)
answer:the Catacombs of Rome

5. The Shigir Idol is the oldest known wood sculpture. (1 point)

6. Large animals, such as bison and horses, are commonly depicted in cave paintings. (1 point)

7. What question might you ask during the evaluate phase of an art critique? (1 point)
answer:What mood or emotion does the artist communicate in the artwork?

8. The arch was an architectural feature invented by the ancient Romans (1 point)

9. Which of the following was a tool used by Paleolithic people to create a cave painting? (1 point)
answer:all of the above

10. The Notre Dame de Paris cathedral in France is an example of which style of architecture? (1 point)

11. What is a religious artwork of Christ, the Virgin Mary, or a saint that was used for honoring that figure called? (1 point)

12. Only beautiful pieces are considered art. (1 point)

13. Stonehenge was likely built around what year? (1 point)
answer:3000–2000 BCE

14. Art can bring attention to social injustice and other social problems. (1 point)

15. Modern photography using cameras began in the 1400s. (1 point)

16. What question might you ask during the analyze phase of an art critique? (1 point)
answer:What mood or emotion does the artist communicate in the artwork?

17. A megalith is a large what? (1 point)
answer:block of stone

18. The Spanish painter Goya depicted what event in a painting? (1 point)
answer:Dos de Mayo uprising

19. Giotto was an ancient Roman sculptor who created The Nike. (1 point)

20. Value is often used by artists to create mood and give the impression of light. (1 point)

21. Greek mythology was rarely used in ancient Greek artwork. (1 point)

22. The red-figure style of Greek pottery generally has what color background? (1 point)

23. It is impossible for artists to use texture in their work. (1 point)

24. The Shigir Idol is made from what material? (1 point)

25. Flying buttresses were commonly used in which style of architecture? (1 point)

26. How many paintings did Vincent van Gogh sell during his lifetime? (1 point)

27. The earliest known cave paintings have been found where? (1 point)

28. What question might you ask during the interpret phase of an art critique? (1 point)
answer:What mood or emotion does the artist communicate in the artwork?

29. Hue or tone refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. (1 point)

30. The Raft of the Medusa was painted by which artist? (1 point)
answer:Theodore Gericault

31. The first step of an art critique is to evaluate the artwork. (1 point)

32. Architecture was an important form of ancient art. (1 point)

33. What are the empty areas around other objects in an artwork? (1 point)

34. What is true about The Raft of the Medusa? (1 point)
answer:all of the above

35. Hagia Sophia is an example of which style of architecture? (1 point)

36. Hagia Sophia was created in the Gothic style of architecture. (1 point)

37. Which artwork was most likely created by one or more women? (1 point)
answer:Bayeux Tapestry

38. Perspectives on art today are likely to be different than the perspectives of an artist who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago.(1 point)

39. Printmaking involves moving a tool across a dry surface to create marks on that surface. (1 point)

40. Ushabti were created to be placed where? (1 point)
answer:in tombs

41. Which piece of art appears to have been created to mark the unification of Egypt? (1 point)
answer:Palette of Narmer

42. Forms are two-dimensional, with width and height. (1 point)

43. Cave paintings have been dated in different parts of the world to at least what date? (1 point)
answer:30,000 BCE

44. The Greek pottery Orientalizing style was characterized by artistic elements from places such as Egypt and Asia.(1 point)

45. What is the area of an artwork called that is occupied by the primary subjects? (1 point)
answer:positive space

46. Art critiques are focused on the negative aspects of art. (1 point)

47. Which of the following is an example of visual art? (1 point)

48. Which of the following is an element of art? (1 point)
answer:all of the above

49. Prehistoric megaliths are extremely rare in places such as the Korean Peninsula, where access to stone is limited.(1 point)

50. The art of ancient Greece had very little impact on the development of Western art. (1 point)

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lol turns out 5 were wrong

#7 is What do you personally like or dislike about the artwork? Why?
#16 is What elements of art or design principles are used in the artwork?
#19 is false
#31 is false
#44 is true

How we supposed to be helped by this? The questions arent even shown.

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The ones I got wrong have “?” Next to them since it does say the correct answer. I’m not sure if they mix the questions around so please remember these might not be right for you!!!!

1. B
2. C
3. B
5. B
6. B
7. ?
8. B
9. C
10. B
11. B
12. B
14 B
15 ?
16 B
18. C
19. D
24. D
26. D
27. A
29. C
37. B
38. A
39. A
40. A
41. C
42. A
43 A
44. C
45. B
46. A
47. ?
48. A
49. C
50. A