Find each product.

-7/9 x 3/5

A. -27/45
B. -7/15
C. 7/15********
D. 27/45

1. B.

2. D.
3. C.
4. D.

Your telling me the answers are

- 7/15
-1 1/5
1 1/4..
Is what your telling me...

Yup he right

Plz leave a like on his so people will know it ok

thanks guys

Good to know I'm not the only one that searches up the answer.

Yay!! I got good score! Thank you much <3

Ok I'm proven right. Unknown is telling the truth. Thank you :]

where is the guy that gives all the answers

It’s right I got a 100

Help someone I’m failing in math πŸ˜•

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