Find the final balance in an account with $660 invested at 3.5% annual simple interest for five years.

A. $23.10
B. $115.50
C. $683.10
D. $775.50

My answer is $775.50, but if it's wrong can you explain to me why it is?

Ohhh drop dead... you don't know that

775.5 is the correct answer. Trust yourself and Ms Sue.

775.5 is correct then?

They might have unknown psychological powers. Probably how they knew.

Mamas no teacher would use that grammar- 🏃🏾‍♀️😭🤚🏽


I = 660 * 0.035 * 5

I get the same answer that you do. Are you sure there's no typo in your problem?

Thanks I hope I don't get caught on here

Thank you Reiny, for awhile I was looking at other peoples' answers and I was wondering if I was wrong, but now I know, so thank you

No, there is no typo

Yes, it is.