Which of the following correctly describes connotation?

A. An implied meaning of word understood by language users
B. The pronunciation of a word
C. The meaning of a word that has never changed
D. A new word added to the dictionary

my answer is a.

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The answers are mixed up for everyone so letters don't work for LA.
The correct answer is:
1. The feelings a word suggests
2. Its literal meaning
3. Similar denotation
4. Unresolved
5. Neutral

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1. feeling suggested by word

2. imaginative meaning of word
3. obvious exaggeration
4. implied comparison without using like or as
5. a comparison between two unlike things using like or as

Which of the following is connotative?

A comparison between two words.
The fellings Suggested by word.
The literal meaning of a word
A more imaginative meaning of a word

1. the feeling or idea that a word suggests

2. the literal meaning of a word
3. a comparison between unlike things using like or as
4. a direct comparison that does not use like or as
5. personification

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