Conceptualize an abstract image representing mathematical direct variation, with the notable presence of a point marked in the x-y axis, designated as (12,9). The point is perfectly highlighted to highlight its importance and involvement in the concept of direct variation. Please ensure no text is included in the image.

the point 12,9 is included in a direct variation. what is the constant of variation

I just took it and got 1/5 with Helper despite knowing like the first 3 questions. My bad.

1. 21
2. 201.6
3. 3/4
4. 1/4
5. 200

usually we write your point in the form (12,9)

direct variation ---> y = kx
so 9 = 12k
k = 9/12 = 3/4

constant of variation is 3/4



thank you

1 is d (21)

2 is b (3/4)
3 is a (1/4)
4 is b (200)
5 is a (n=9.48t)

I know this cause I looked at the answers and tried it and got 1/5 correct. This is what it told me after.



5/5 100%

What is wrong with you... You think you're a "Helper", but you're not s$%*@. @Helper is COMPLETELY wrong. @Chomper is correct and "Helper" is just trying to ruin people's grades. The only one he got right, surprisingly, was #1. You're welcome for warning you.

i really did just take the test and Xiumini is correct

Direct Variation Honors Algebra Connexus Unit 6 Lesson 2 (Could be different for you!)

1. 21
2. 3/4
3. 1/4
4. 200
5. n=9.48t
2021-22 school year answers!
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Xiumini is right