Visualize an image of a brightly colored mathematical graph. Show a straight line passing through points that indicate y and x values. Use markers for the points where y = 14 and x = -4, as well as the point where x = -6. Note: the graph does not have any marker for the y-value corresponding to x = -6 since it is unknown. The line demonstrating this direct proportion should slope downward from left to right, as both x and y values are negative.

suppose y varies directly with x and y = 14 when x = -4 what is the value of y when x = -6

here`s the answers

1. D 21
2. C 201.6
3. B 3/4
4. A 1/4
5. B 200

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The answers as of 2019 are:

1. D which is 21
2. C which is 201.6
3. B which is 3/4
4. A which is 1/4
5. B which is 200
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y = kx , where k is a constant

for the given:
14 = k(-4)
k = -7/2 or -3.5

y = -3.5x
when x = -6
y = -3.5(-6) = 21

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They are actually:

1. D(21)
2. C(201.6)
3. B(3/4)
4. A
5. B(200)

Or, you can reason that since y=kx, y/x is constant. So,

14/-4 = y/-6

And you don't even have to figure out what k is.

those are right thankssss

answer is right.. 100%