There is little, if any,m "storm" in the new movie Storm Fever. Aren't actors supposed to act, and aren't directors supposed to direct? Actor Robert Pierre seems to wander aimlessly around the set. And director Sue Smith can't seem to figure out to present a good story. This movie was advertised as "full of aventure." it isn't. This movie was advertisied as "full of stunning action." It isn't. This movie is like a sleeping pill. So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever.

Which of the followin best describes the selection>
Which of the following is an opinion expressed in the selection?
A. Robert Pierre did a poor job acting in Storm Fever.
B. Storm Fever was advertised as an adventure movie.
C. Storm Fever was directed by Sue Smith
D. The advertisers of Sotrm Fever claimed that the movie had action.
Is the answer A?

You are right.

Thank you

You are very welcome.

Yes, the answer is A. The statement "Robert Pierre seems to wander aimlessly around the set" expresses an opinion about the actor's performance in Storm Fever.