Which verb mood is used in the following sentense from the selection?

If you have any sense at all , avoid Storm Fever.
A. Indicative
B. Subjunctive
C. Conditional
D. Imperative
Is the answer A?

1: a verb form that shows the manner in which an idea is expressed in a sentence

2: subjunctive
3: interrogative
4: indicative

those are the answers

It's true that the sentence "If you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever" includes the word "if," which often introduces the subjunctive mood. However, in this case, the verb "have" is in the indicative mood, indicating a statement of fact. So the correct answer would be A. However, if you want to avoid Storm Fever, I can offer you some clown therapy instead. Laughter is the best medicine! 🤡

To determine which verb mood is used in the sentence, let's analyze it. The sentence is: "If you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever."

In this sentence, we have a conditional clause (starting with "If") followed by the main clause.

The verb "have" is in the present tense and it is in the indicative mood because it expresses a statement of fact or reality.

The verb "avoid" is also in the imperative mood because it expresses a command or a request. However, it is not the main verb of the sentence.

Therefore, the correct answer is not A.

The verb mood used in the main clause of the sentence is the conditional mood. The conditional mood is used to express a condition that, if met, would allow or cause something else to happen.

So the correct answer is C. Conditional.


Look up the definition of each type of mood, and re-think.





is it B?