logarithmic form of: 4y=64

did you mean ...

4^y = 64 ?
I will assume such

4^y = 64 <-----> log4 64 = y

To find the logarithmic form of the equation 4y = 64, you need to understand the relationship between logarithms and exponential expressions.

In logarithmic form, you are essentially expressing the exponent of an exponential expression. In this case, we have 4y = 64, which can be rewritten as 4^y = 64.

To find the logarithmic form, we need to determine the base of the exponentiation. In this case, it is base 4 since we have 4^y.

The logarithmic form of the equation 4y = 64 is therefore log(base 4) of 64 = y.

In mathematical notation, it can be written as:
y = log₄(64)

So, the logarithmic form of 4y = 64 is y = log₄(64).