A car driving cross-country traveled 180 miles in 4 hours. At this rate of speed, how many miles further will the car travel in the next 3 hours?

My answer is 135 miles.

Is my answer correct?

good job

Thank you Reiny!

Hifhkgjuy 245 miles in 2 hours

To find the number of miles further the car will travel in the next 3 hours, we need to calculate the car's rate of speed.

Given that the car traveled 180 miles in 4 hours, we can find the rate of speed by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken:
Rate of speed = Distance / Time

Rate of speed = 180 miles / 4 hours
Rate of speed = 45 miles per hour

Now we can find how far the car will travel in the next 3 hours using the rate of speed:
Distance traveled = Rate of speed * Time

Distance traveled = 45 miles per hour * 3 hours
Distance traveled = 135 miles

Therefore, your answer of 135 miles is correct. The car will travel an additional 135 miles in the next 3 hours.