What is the strongest acid among the following?

b. (Cl)CH2COOH
c. (Cl)2CHCOOH
d. (Cl)3CCOOH

isnt it the most electronegative if the oxygens are the same?

The strength of an organic acid depends on the degree of ionization. The chloride end attracts protons, pulling them off of adjcent molecules(or actually reducting the bond strength). So, the trichloroacetic acids is the strongest. You can compare pKa here..the smaller pKa, stronger the acid.


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To determine the strongest acid among the given options, we need to compare their pKa values. The pKa value is a measure of the strength of an acid, with a lower pKa indicating a stronger acid.

You can visit the provided link (http://www.zirchrom.com/organic.htm) to find the pKa values for different organic acids. Look for the pKa values of acetic acid (CH3COOH), chloroacetic acid ((Cl)CH2COOH), dichloroacetic acid ((Cl)2CHCOOH), and trichloroacetic acid ((Cl)3CCOOH).

By comparing the pKa values of these acids, you can identify the acid with the lowest pKa, which will be the strongest acid among the given options.