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  1. 1. Which of the following demonstrates the central dogma of molecular biologists?(1 point)

    Gene expression relies on environmental factors that determine which traits are dominant. DNA and RNA mutate into either harmful or helpful effects on the human body.

  2. 1. Which digestive organ is the last organ food passes through before reaching your stomach? (1 point)

    pharynx epiglottis esophagus mouth 2. Starches and sugars belong to which class of nutrients? (1 point) carbohydrates fats proteins enzymes 3. A method

  3. 1. Find the next two terms of the sequence.

    2, 6, 10, 14, ... A: 16, 18 B: 18, 24 C: 18, 22 D: 16, 20*** 2. Find the next two terms of the sequence. 10, 4, -2, -8, ... A: -6, -10 B: -10, -12 C: -12, -16 D: -14, -20*** 3: Find the next two terms of the

  4. During a clothing stores Bargain Days, the regular price for T-shirts is discounted to $8.25. You have an additional coupon for $5.00 off, regardless of how many shirts are purchased.

    A. Write a rule for the function p (t) that expresses the final price of

  5. In each of three trials of an investigation, a single force is applied to a mobile. Each time, the mobile acquires a different acceleration. The table shows the relationship between the acceleration and the acting force.

    Force (N) Acceleration (m/s^2) 1.2

  6. Flyers are folded into thirds before being stapled and mailed. If a page is 11 inches long, how wide is each section?

    3 1/3 3 2/3 4 3/11

  7. 1. Which two square roots are used to estimate square root 8?

    A. 2 and 3 B. 3 and 4 C. 4 and 9 D. 9 and 16 2. Which two square roots are used to estimate square root 42? A. 25 and 36 B. 36 and 49 C. 49 and 64 D. 25 and 64 My answers: 1. B 2. B. Am I right?

  8. 1. Choose the answer that best matches the word in italics. Use context clues to determine the

    meaning of the word, if necessary. The decorations were reminiscent of autumn leaves. (1 point) leftovers made reminders symbolic 2. Choose the answer that best

  9. the yearbook club is having a bake sale to raise money for the senior class. LArge cupcakes are sold for 1.25 and small cupcakes are .75. If 105 cupcakes were sold for a total amount of 109.75, how many large cupcakes did the yearbook club sell?

  10. Of the following statements, which one MOST accurately represents Koryo culture?

    A. Traditional dress of Korean women mirrored that of Chinese women. B. Civil service exams and government jobs were open to all Koreans. C. Only aristocrats could own property

  11. In what aspects of Japanese culture would you find influence of Chinese culture? Select all that apply.

    A. gardening B. currency C. scroll painting D. social structure E. government

  12. Read the following description from The Red Badge of Courage.

    “There loomed the dogging memory of the tattered soldier—he who, gored by bullets. . . had been deserted in the field.” This description best supports which of the following central ideas?

  13. A diagram is drawn showing a swing set with a swing pulled backward prior to release. The diagram shows how the swing will move forward and then backward after it is initially released. At which point in the diagram is all of the energy gravitational

  14. What do you need to know when evaluating a source for your research? Select the two correct answers.(1 point)

    if it adds to your understanding of a topic if it is presented in written format if it is effective if it is interesting to you if it leads you to

  15. On a hike you walk 5,000 m East, 3,000 m North, and 1,000 m West at a constant speed of 1 m/s. Calculate your velocity.

    A) 1.0 m/s B) 0.44 m/s East + 0.33 m/s North C) 0.55 m/s D) 1.0 m/s East + 1.0 m/s North

  16. Why is it necessary for the encoding function to be one-to-one?

  17. What is one economic factor affecting technology in Africa?

    A. decreasing investment in technology hubs B. decreasing jobs in technology C. increasing competition among Internet providers D. lack of competition among Internet providers

  18. 1. What helped spread nationalistic feelings throughout Europe in the early 1800s?

    A. the conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte B. the social welfare programs of Otto von Bismarck C. the influence of the pope D. the unification of the German Confederation 2.What

  19. What negative impacts did gold and silver mining have in the west?

  20. what major change convinced many states to votes for ratification?

    A. Washington was elected as the fist president B. Federalists promised to include a bill of rights. C. the Northwest Ordinance was put into effect. D. the framers promised to dissolve the

  21. n × four-fifths = three-fourths

    A. n = one-half B. n = fifteen-sixteenths C. n = 1 2/3

  22. 1)Authors can use an ellipsis for which purpose?(1 point)

    to create a dramatic effect to create a dramatic effect to separate items in a list to separate items in a list to introduce dialogue to introduce dialogue to end a sentence 2)Which sentence is

  23. a 7.00 kg cannonball is travelling at a velocity of 75.0 m/s at a height of 80.0 m. what is its kinetic energy?

    A) 39,400 J B) 19,700 J C) 5500 J D) 525 J

  24. A 24-V battery is connected in series with a resistor and an inductor, with R = 5.6 Ω and L = 2.0 H, respectively.

    (a) Find the energy stored in the inductor when the current reaches its maximum value. (b) Find the energy stored in the inductor one time

  25. Students in a science class conducted an investigation to demonstrate that, by Newton’s second law of motion, the ratio between the net force and the acceleration produced is constant. They manipulated the net force applied to an object and measured the

  26. Which number is equivalent to 0.45(with line over 45)

    A. 1/45** B. 5/11 C. 4/5 D. 1/4 Is my answer correct?

  27. Determine the least positive value of t for which d=0.

    d=cos((3pi/4)(t)) 0=cos((3pi/4)(t)) I got stuck on this step Please help

  28. Determine whether y varies directly with x. If so, find the constant of variation k and write the equation

    X Y 7 11 8 13 9 15 10 17

  29. Which one of these statements is true about summaries?(1 point)

    A. They can help a reader write a story. B. They can help a reader to be objective. C. They can help a reader remember a story. D. They can help a reader understand the author. What should a

  30. Five forces act on an object.

    (1) 56 N at 90° <- (2) 40 N at 0° (3) 75 N at 270° <- (4) 40 N at 180° (5) 50 N at 60° What are the magnitude and direction of a sixth force that would produce equilibrium? Answer to Find: ? N at ?°

  31. Determining the author's purpose in a text relies on (10 points)

    biographical information research the author used evidence in the text<<<<< the title of the text 2. (LC) Which elements of a text are most helpful in determining the author's point of view

  32. in what way did the structure of the Virginia house of the Burgesses influence the governments of the states and eventually the national government created by the U.S. Constitution?

    A. It established an elected representative legislature B. It set up a

  33. Imagine a text book laying on a table. According to Newton’s third law, which correct free body diagram shows the force of the table on the text book?

    Diagram a is a box with an arrow pointing down Diagram b is a box with an arrow pointing up Diagram c is

  34. Please help

    Suppose that 0.250mol of methane, CH4(g), is reacted with 0.400mol of fluorine, F2(g), forming CF4(g) and HF(g) as sole products. Assuming that the reaction occurs at constant pressure, how much heat is released? Substance ΔH∘f (kJ/mol) C(g)

  35. Of the following statements, which one MOST accurately represents the major difference between the Japanese and European feudal systems?

    A. In Europe, feudal lords protected peasants in exchange for part of their crops. In Japan, feudal lords protected

  36. Does anyone have the reactant and product energy change quick check?

  37. 1) A baseball thrown by a pitcher is hit by a batter. At the moment when the ball hits the bat, the force exerted on the bat by the ball is Fball on bat and the force exerted on the ball by the bat is Fbat on ball. The relationship between these forces is


  38. Read the sentence. Aunt Kay and Uncle Jamal came for a visit, and then Aunt Kay and Uncle Jamal took us out for dinner. Which pronoun should replace the underlined words to make the sentence less repetitive?

  39. its just a quick check plz help

    Which of the following was an outcome of the Congress of Vienna? A. Napoleon was named emperor for life. B. France gained significant territory in northern Europe. C. French borders returned to their locations before

  40. Living Music Unit 3 Lesson 10 Unit test.

    1. All brass instruments are made out of brass? True or false 2. The erhu is part of the ____ family. Brass woodwind String Percussion

  41. Think about the last time you ordered a drink from a restaurant. Did you use a straw or drink directly from the cup? It is common for people to use a plastic straw to drink at restaurants or at home, but these straws end up in our oceans, polluting the

  42. It was said that the Civil War was “a rich man’s war but a poor man’s fight.” Write a paragraph explaining the statement and how well it applies to both the North and the South.

  43. Graphing linear functions quiz

    Find a slope. 2 -1/2 -2 1/2 Does anyone know all the answers

  44. In the diagram below what is the relationship between the number of trapezoid and the perimeter of the figure they form?

    the trapezoid problem thingy

  45. Marie saved $51. On Wednesday, she spent $8 of her savings. What ratio represents the portion of her total savings that she still has left?

    A-43:8 B-8:51 C-43:51 D-59:51 I picked "A" I think this is right but can someone please check it?

  46. If a right triangle has one leg measuring 27 inches and one leg measuring 22 inches, what is the length of the hypotenuse to the nearest inch?

  47. Suppose a 95% confidence interval for the mean salary of college graduates in a town in Mississippi is given by [$36,080, $43,920]. The population standard deviation used for the analysis is known to be $12,000.

    a. What is the point estimator of the mean

  48. Choose a selection from the crossing borders unit. Write a short explanation of how one of the individuals in this selection is affected by a border crossing. Use specific examples or details to support your answer.

  49. Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 5 ft and 12 ft

    A: 11 ft B: 13 ft C:17 ft D: 60 ft Please help me...

  50. Which if the following is equivalent to 12/20. A. 3/10. B 5:3. C 120 to 200. D 60

  51. How did the French respond when the colonies

    defeated the British at Saratoga in the Revolutionary War?

  52. 1. An artist places a notebook and pen in the gallery of his latest exhibition and asks viewers to leave comments about his work. He is trying to help audience members become what type of observers?

    A. Active Observers*** B. Reluctant Observers C. Passive

  53. A 5.00 x 102 kg hot air balloon takes off from rest at the surface of the earth. The buoyant force lifts the balloon straight up, performing 9.70 x 104 J of work on the balloon. At the instant the balloon's upward speed is 4.08 m/s, the balloon will be

  54. Anyone have the answers for Math 7A Operations With Fractions Unit Test Part 1?

  55. Which unit measure force?

    A. Kilogram B. Joule C. Watt D. Newton***

  56. Does anyone have the molecular collision quick check answers?

  57. Does anyone have the energy conservation quick check answers?

  58. In 1–2 sentences, explain what should be included in the outline for an argument. Use specific details to support your answer.

  59. How are galaxies classified?

  60. I need answers to the 6 th grade Interdependence of organisms quick check

  61. Z1,Z2,…,Zn,… is a sequence of random variables that converge in distribution to another random variable Z ;

    Y1,Y2,…,Yn,… is a sequence of random variables each of which takes value in the interval (0,1) , and which converges in probability to a

  62. Which features of the Roman government limited individual power? Select the two correct answers.

    A. The Senate was the most powerful branch of government. B. The assemblies were a form of direct democracy. C. The two consuls could veto each other's actions.

  63. Tibetans are an ethnic minority in Blank?

    A.China B.Japan C.North Korea D.South Korea

  64. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty...”

    This phrase from John Keats’s “ode on a Grecian urn” is an example of a(n) Metaphor Simile Stanza Apostrophe** Is my answer right?

  65. What is the marginal distribution for right handed people

    Dominant Hand vs Height Short Medium Tall Total left handed 4 6 2 12 right handed 24 20 19 63 total 28 26 21 75

  66. The weight needed to balance a lever varies inversely with the distance from the fulcrum to the weight. A 120-lb weight is placed on a lever, 5 ft from the fulcrum. What amount of weight, in pounds, should be placed 8 ft from the fulcrum to balance the

  67. Determine wheter the graphs of the given equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither

    y=4x-2 -x+4y=0 neither

  68. A ball is thrown straight up from the top of a hill 30 feet high with an initial velocity of 72ft/sec. How high above level ground will the ball get? (Objects subjected to gravity adhere to s(t) = -16t^2 + v0t + so where s is the height of the object in

  69. Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents. They do not suffocate in their burrows, because the effect of air speed on pressure creates sufficient air circulation. The animals maintain a difference in the shapes of two entrances to the burrow, and because of this

  70. calculate the mass of this sample:

    1.05 * 10 to the power of 26 atoms of neon, Ne(g) I know that I have to first divide by the avagadros constant, then once get the moles I need to multiply by the molar mass of neon to get the grams, I did that sevral times

  71. find the measure of an angle whose supplement measures two times its measure

  72. The following sentence indicates what kind of bias? Most of the democracies exhibited lethargy and shortsightedness in the face of fascist aggression.

    a)a postive bias b)There is no bias. c)a negative bias d)an aggressive bias

  73. Jackson has 4 more CDs than Amal. They have a total of 18 CDs. How many CDs does Amal have? How many CDs does Jackson have?

    I am struggling to create an equation to represent these two people and their CD amounts. It says to "Create a system of linear

  74. 3. True or False. Swahili culture is an example of cultural diffusion since it is a mixed culture combining features from Southwest Asia and East Africa.

    * 1 point True False

  75. Which theory do most scientists believe about the first inhabitants of North America

  76. What is the solution to 2 6/7 divided by 2/14

    A. 7 B. 14 C. 20**** D. 40

  77. Which of the following is an integer?

    A. /5 B. /9 C. 1/3 D. 0.8

  78. Use the Distributive Property to write an equivalent expression

    2f + 10

  79. which set of ordered pairs in the form of (x,y) does not represent a function of x?

    A. {(1, 1.5), (2,1.5), (3, 1.5), (4, 1,5)} B. {(0, 1.5), (3, 2.5), (1, 3.3), (1, 4.5)} C. {(1, 1.5), (-1, 1.5), (2, 2.5), (-2, 2.5)} D. {(1, 1.5), (-1, -1.5), (2, 2.5), (-2,

  80. According to this quote which statement best summarizes the south agenda?

    A. to continue their way of life unchanged B. to accept changes of the plantation system C. to change the Souths border D. to expand slavery into the territories

  81. Does anyone have the answers to Earth Science 1B Unit 8 lesson 10 water quality and conservation unit test?

  82. Ten graduate students have applied for two available teaching assistantships. In how many ways can these assistantships be awarded among the applicants if

    (a) No preference is given to any one student? (b) One particular student must be awarded an

  83. In a shipment of 18 smartphones, 2 are defective. How many ways can a quality control inspector randomly test 5 smartphones, of which 2 are defective?

  84. Let X denote the random variable that gives the sum of the faces that fall uppermost when two fair dice are rolled. Find P(X = 11). (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

  85. Construct the probability distribution table for each of the following scenarios:

    1.A Restaurant plays music from a playlist that contains 60% English songs and the rest are in Spanish, that are shuffled randomly. When visiting the restaurant in 2 different

  86. Conservation is the protection and preservation of (1 point)

    A.the natural environment B. industries C. farm land D. residential areas I need all the answers

  87. Why is enrichment important for a fission chain reaction ?

    - keeps neutrons from escaping the sample -keeps neutrons from being absorbed by other isotopes -allows neutrons to be absorbed by other fissionable nuclei -provides enough fuel to make enough

  88. Why does the emission of an alpha particle always result in transmutation?

    - Energy is released from the nucleus of the atom. -The number of neutrons in the atoms changes. -The number of protons in the atom changes. -The atom is converted to helium

  89. In experiment 1, unpolarized light falls on the polarizer in the figure. The angle of the polarizer is = 58.0°. In experiment 2, the unpolarized light is replaced by light of the same intensity, but the light is polarized along the direction of the

  90. I need help with the answers for unit 1 lesson 8 Volume of pyrimids and cones. PLS I hate this teaching system conexus has.

  91. Suppose that your unincorporated community has decided to become a municipality, write an entry for your blog page explaining which type of government you favor forming and why.

  92. Lesson six graphing linear functions

  93. Find the area of the triangle

    16.5 11.55 23.1 4.85 Area and perimeter of triangles quick check

  94. Does anyone have the transfer between systems quick check answers?

  95. Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided.

    If a /4=b /7, what is the value of a/b?

  96. Simplify this expression

    (3)^10 (3)^-9

  97. If you are peddling at a rate of 50 RPM and your bike wheel is 52cm what is your speed in km/h

  98. Find an equation of a function with a vertical asymptote at x=2 and a hole at (-3,4).

  99. Bill wants to make 22 small pizzas for a party. He has 16 cups of flour. Each pizza crust takes 3/4 cup of flour. Does he have enough flour? (If there is a remainder, tell what it means for the given situation)

  100. Frances gets 6 paychecks in 12 weeks. How many paychecks does she get in 52 weeks?


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