electronic marketplace in which disk technology combines with internet to provide info. and services to consumers.

Is this a question? I don't get it????

yes is a question, the thing is that i have to describe an electronic marketplace(making possible the ramdom accessing of records) combines etc.
I don't understand it either. I am hispanic and sometimes its difficult for me to understand.

I see. Perhaps if you browse the links at the following two tiltle specific searchs it will help:



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9 months ago

I apologize for any confusion earlier. It seems like you are looking for information about electronic marketplaces that combine disk technology with the internet to provide information and services to consumers. While I cannot browse websites, I can provide some general information on this topic.

An electronic marketplace, sometimes referred to as an e-marketplace, is an online platform where buyers and sellers come together to conduct business transactions. It is a virtual marketplace where products, services, and information are exchanged electronically.

When disk technology combines with the internet in an electronic marketplace, it typically refers to the storage and retrieval of data. Disk technology, such as hard drives or solid-state drives (SSDs), allows for the storing, organizing, and accessing of large volumes of data. The internet, on the other hand, provides the means for connecting users and facilitating the exchange of information.

In this context, the combination of disk technology and the internet in an electronic marketplace enables the random accessing of records. This means that users can easily search and retrieve specific information or services within the marketplace. The use of disk technology enhances the efficiency and speed of accessing records, ensuring that consumers can quickly find what they are looking for.

To find more specific information about electronic marketplaces that combine disk technology with the internet, you can try conducting a search using the links I provided. These links will lead you to search results that are specific to the topic of electronic marketplaces. Simply click on the links and browse through the search results to find relevant articles, resources, or websites that explain this concept in more detail.