Can sumone explain wot linear motion is?

Wot's the opposite of linear motion?

Linear motion is motion is a constant direction, i.e., along a straight line. The speed may change but the direction may not.

Motion that is not linear is called curvilinear.

To understand the opposite of linear motion, we can consider curvilinear motion. Curvilinear motion refers to the motion along a curve or a path that is not straight. In curvilinear motion, the direction of the object or particle changes continuously as it moves. Unlike linear motion, the path followed by an object in curvilinear motion may be curved, circular, or any other shape that is not a straight line.

For example, when a car travels along a curved road or when a roller coaster moves along its twisted track, both of these are examples of curvilinear motion.

In conclusion, the opposite of linear motion is curvilinear motion.