a rectangle has a perimeter equal to circumference of a circle of radius 3. if the width of the rectangle is 3, what is the length?

a) 3pi-3
b) 4.5pi-3
e)cannot be determined

3*2*pi=3+3+2x where x=side of rectangle

jasmin jasmin answered
16 years ago

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15 years ago

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3 years ago


Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
7 months ago

To solve this problem, we need to set up an equation using the given information.

Let's start with the perimeter of the rectangle, which is equal to the circumference of the circle. The perimeter of a rectangle is given by the formula: 2(length + width).

Since the width of the rectangle is given as 3, we can write the equation as:

2(length + 3) = 3 * 2 * pi

Simplifying this equation, we get:

2(length + 3) = 6pi

Dividing both sides by 2, we get:

(length + 3) = 3pi

Now, we can isolate the length by subtracting 3 from both sides:

length = 3pi - 3

Therefore, the length of the rectangle is 3pi - 3.

So the correct answer is a) 3pi - 3.

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