1)what is agriculture and why is it important in our daily life? can you give and describe 7 garden tools being used at home?


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Agriculture refers to the practice of cultivating plants, raising animals, and other related activities to produce food, fiber, medicinal plants, and other products used to sustain human life. It's an essential part of our daily lives as it provides us with the food we consume and the materials for clothing, shelter, and other necessities.

Now, let's move on to the second part of your question. Here are seven common garden tools used at home:

1. Shovel: A shovel is a tool with a broad, flat blade used for lifting, digging, and transferring materials like soil, plants, and compost.

2. Rake: A rake is a tool with a long handle and teeth-like projections used for collecting leaves, grass, and other debris, as well as leveling soil.

3. Pruning Shears: Pruning shears, also known as secateurs or hand pruners, are used for trimming and shaping plants, removing dead or damaged branches, and harvesting fruits and flowers.

4. Garden : A garden is a handheld tool with a flat blade used for loosening soil, removing weeds, and cultivating the ground.

5. Hand Trowel: A hand trowel is a small digging tool with a pointed blade used for transplanting seedlings, planting small bulbs, and removing weeds.

6. Garden Fork: A garden fork has multiple sturdy tines and is used for loosening compacted soil, lifting heavy clumps, and turning compost.

7. Watering Can: A watering can is a container with a long spout used for watering plants and distributing water evenly.

These tools are commonly found in home gardens and are essential for various gardening tasks.