Rennet is an extract made from the ling of a calf's fourth stomach.

List the subject, verb(tell whether it is linking or action), and then list the Direct Objects or predicate nouns or adjectives.

I think it would be:Rennet(S), is made(A.V.), and then i don't think there are any complements.

It is supposed to be lining in the 1st sentence.

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8 months ago

Subject: Rennet

Verb: is made (linking verb)
Direct Object or Predicate Noun: extract
Adjectives: made, from, calf's, fourth, stomach

To identify the subject of the sentence, look for the noun or pronoun that is performing the action or being described. In this case, the subject is "Rennet."

The verb in the sentence is "is made." The verb "is" is a linking verb that connects the subject "Rennet" with the subject complement "made."

In terms of direct objects or predicate nouns or adjectives, the word "extract" acts as the direct object of the verb "is made." It answers the question "what is made?"

Additionally, there are several adjectives that describe the direct object "extract." These adjectives include "made," "from," "calf's," "fourth," and "stomach." Each adjective provides more information about the direct object.

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